čtvrtek 6. července 2017

Hello everybody after a long time :)
A lot happened since I wrote my last article. I decided to give myself a break from blogging because I got a job - redactor in one Slovak popular web magazine. So, it was hard for me to do both and I really wanted to focus on writing in the Slovak language. Right now, I finally find a way how to combine it together and I can´t be happier, that I am again a part of the blogging world.
This year I have visited Italy for the very first time. I spent there 8 days and in this article, I will tell you a little bit more about my journeys.


sobota 25. února 2017

Hello amazing souls,
I decided that today´s article will be again playlist. You could notice, that I´m doing playlist in every season of the year. It´s because every season the weather is different, so do our mood.
I know, that winter ´16/17 is almost over, but never mind.
This playlist is for these frosty and snowy days when we are wearing massive snow boots and warm woolen scarf. For days, when we have red noses and tears from frost in our eyes, but a big smile on our mouths.
This playlist is for these days when we are playing in the snow, building a snowmen, skiing, skating, sliding and laughing out loud.
This playlist is for these days when we come after a good time home and pack in the blankets with hot tea or chocolate. For these days, when are watching films or reading books all day long without remorses.


sobota 7. ledna 2017

Hello guys,
Oh yes, finally, we meet again.
It was very long time since I wrote my last article, but now I´m here and that´s important.
I know, that maybe for many people, is a lot of easier to stay fit during summer. Because you know, you can go cycling, running or you can do all that outdoor activities - and some of them is very hard to practice during winter - when outside is freezing and everywhere are heaps of snow.
If you are one of that person, person who is struggling with your fit routine during this season of the year, this article is totally for you.


středa 2. listopadu 2016

Hello beautiful souls,
Welcome to my new article.
My today´s article will be about few ways,which can turn your life to a positive direction.
Everybody knows, that life can be hard sometimes and sometimes it feels like there´s no way from that deep black hole.
You feel like you are sinking in cold water.
You feel like your lungs have a lack of oxygen.
You feel like you carry the weight of the whole world on your shoulders.
That´s why this article is totally for you.


neděle 30. října 2016

Hello everyone,
Welcome to my new fashion-related article. 
Today I´m going talk about my favorite outfits for fall.
I know, that I´m not writing a lot of articles with a fall theme, but I do not know if it´s just me, but the weather is not very helping this year.
It´s always raining, one day is cold, freezing and snowing, the other day is warm and the sun is shining, but mostly raining and it annoys me so much. Let me know, if you feel the same.
Anyway, let´s move to the article, with my favorite outfits for typical colorful autumn.


úterý 25. října 2016

Hello everybody,
Welcome to my new article.
I decided that today I will talk about things, that annoy me on the bloggers.
I´m blogger too and I know, that sometimes being a blogger is very hard.
But we all are trying our best, no doubt about it.
Nevertheless, there are some things that irritate me and I bet I´m not alone.
So, keep ready.

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