neděle 10. září 2017

Hello beautiful souls,
Welcome to my new article which will be again related with traveling. Traveling is kind of activity, that makes us happier and richer and fill up our soul. I bet you have already known it, but this was a just quick reminder, in the case you forgot.
In today´s article, I will show you few of tips, how to find, see and discover the most beautiful places around the world, to bring home the best pictures from your travels. Are you ready?

Fortune favors the prepared mind. This is the key. 
If you really want to find the most beautiful spots for your pictures, you need to be prepared - at least a little bit.
The second thing you need to have is curiosity. If you won´t be curious and hungry after information, you won´t experience what you want.

My tip number one is really simple and it works all the time. If you want to see something different, feel free to ask locals about their favorite spots. The truth is, that a lot of breathtaking places won´t be promoted on the internet because locals want to keep them as their secret. So, don´t be shy and ask for it. You´ll never know, what you can discover.

Another tip, which I personally use a lot, is to find some spots through the hashtags. Every time, when I travel somewhere, I search the place in hashtags or Instagram location, to see, how it really looks. Because, while pictures on the internet may be beautiful, they don't have to be true. The best way how to see the reality is through the pictures of other people. And a lot of time, I found really beautiful spots this way. And, when I know, what I can expect, I can think about the photos - so it makes everything easier.

Another great option, how to get a little bit information about the undiscovered parts of the world is through the Pinterest. Pinterest is the absolutely amazing platform on how to get inspired in so many ways. There´s a ton of articles from bloggers all around the world sharing their experience. The only thing you have to do is to search out a place and choose.

Sometimes, a lot of great places are shown in movies or tv series. If you like something, go and search it and then visit it. For example, when I was in Amsterdam, I visited a bench where The Fault in Our Stars scene was shooted. This place is covered with TFIOS quotes and love quotes and it´s really amazing. It´s not that popular spot among the people, but definitely one of my favorite from the whole trip. And how did I know that something like this exists? I watched the film and searched.

I´m totally aware of the fact, that sometimes you can search how much you want, but the best things are the unplanned ones. So, even if you have already prepared few spots, which you want to visit, always walk with open eyes. Sometimes, even the most featureless corner can turn into the most beautiful location. You just have to be open to new things.


Thank you so much for reading.
I really hope, you will find this article as helpful in your next trip planning.
With love,

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  1. Thanks for the ideas... I guess the most important is to walk with open eyes and be a little more spontaneous. Unfortunately more and more photos are starting to look so similar that it feels like we are looking a the same profiles.


    1. I couldn´t agree more. Everybody is taking pictures of same things, that´s why I have written this post. People should sometimes focus on other things :)

  2. Amazing blog.. Thanks for sharing... Do visit for lifestyle, motivational and entrepreneurship blogging. Guest postings are open. ��

  3. Some brilliant ideas - I'm off to Berlin soon so will definitely do my research before hand to ensure I take some amazing photos to remember it by. Thank you for the inspo! xx

  4. These are amazing tips :-) I usually do the research before arriving to the location :-) thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Excellent tips! Good googling in prior is the key. I also like to ask tips from friends and other people who have visited the same place earlier. And of course, always carry your camera with you to make sure you're not missing any good spots!


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