úterý 26. července 2016

Hello loves, today I decided to write an article from beauty corner. I know, just like every girl, how hard is to buy right shampoo or total cosmetics for hair.
Slovak proverb says: The hair is a crown of beauty, and I have to agree.
We all want to keep our hair strong, shiny, healthy and beautiful.


sobota 23. července 2016

Hello guys, today I decided to tell you bit more about one of my favorite activities, which is hiking. Since I am a girl who lives literally under High Tatras, favorite Slovakian place, I have been hiking for a really long time. Also I know, that many of you don´t, so I will do everything I can, to show you beauty of it.


středa 20. července 2016

Hello guys,
If you remember my post 35 things to do this summer, as a one thing I mentioned "Postcrossing."
I started with postcrossing maybe half year ago, and I became obsessed very very fast, haha. I totally adore it. But, what postrossing actually is?

What to do with old clothes

Today I decided to write about clothes. We all have tons and tons of clothing in our wardrobe, and we are actually wearing few pieces of them, am I right?
We are excusing it with I will wear it later, or I need to buy right jeans to this top or There wasn´t right event to wear this shoes. And at the end, we are still wearing the same clothes, we are still buying new ones and our wardrobe is getting fuller and fuller.
If you find yourself in that, you should probably clean your wardrobe! Right now!
But what to do with all these clothes? My post is right answer for you...

35 Things to do this Summer

středa 6. července 2016

Aloha pineapples!
Summer has officially begun! Do you recognize sentence: My next summer´s gonna be the best! Or next one. or next one...And at the end of August you feel very disappointed? 
Yes, I think this happened to everybody, so that´s why my today´s post is something you need in your life!

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