středa 20. července 2016

Hello guys,
If you remember my post 35 things to do this summer, as a one thing I mentioned "Postcrossing."
I started with postcrossing maybe half year ago, and I became obsessed very very fast, haha. I totally adore it. But, what postrossing actually is?
Postcrossing is project, that "allows anyone to receive postcards-real ones, not electronic, from random places in the world.

In life it works like: if you send a postcard, you will receive one back.
Everything runs on website:
How does it work?
You just register on their website
-With registration you write you address-but don´t worry, it can´t be found on internet, it´s totally safe.
Then you request for an address: computer will give you random person, from random part of world. (For example, my first postcard traveled to USA to "Katie", but my first postcard I received was from Japan.)
Address and little info about person will come to your email. Also it comes with an "ID" which is a special number, that you MUST write on your postcard.
Then you will wait until your postcard arrive to new owner.
When this happen, he will register your postcard with that ID, and he write you a short message and thanks.
This is the same thing you do, when you received the postcard. Register it. 
Sounds complicated? Okay, maybe I explained it little bit more opaquely, but if you click on the website, you will understand everything very fast, haha.

Right now, I have pretty big collection of postcards from all around the world. It´s very nice feeling to open a mailbox and receive new postcard. I am always guessing, from where is my new postcard. You can also write what you like, so I am always so happy when somebody send me a postcard with Harry Potter, figure skating, films or other, haha. 
Also people usually write on postcards something little about them, or they are sending postcards with landscapes of their country, spots in their city, their national food, so I learnt so many interesting facts.
I usually write on postcards, among other things, some Slovak tongue twisters, and I love when people thanks me and write me that they have so much fun, while they was trying to say my tongue twisters.

At the end, I want to say, that postcrossing is so much fun and it´s really amazing thing to do. You definitely should try it!
With love

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