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středa 20. července 2016

Today I decided to write about clothes. We all have tons and tons of clothing in our wardrobe, and we are actually wearing few pieces of them, am I right?
We are excusing it with I will wear it later, or I need to buy right jeans to this top or There wasn´t right event to wear this shoes. And at the end, we are still wearing the same clothes, we are still buying new ones and our wardrobe is getting fuller and fuller.
If you find yourself in that, you should probably clean your wardrobe! Right now!
But what to do with all these clothes? My post is right answer for you...

There is actually a lot of options what to do with all clothes.

 a) If your clothes are quite new, or you weren´t wearing them, they aren´t ripped or otherwise destroyed (maybe they still have  tag) you can sell them. This option is very good, because you get rid of them and make some extra money.
There is a lot of sites on internet where you can sell them. You will be surprised how many people are buying clothes trough bazaar sites.
Slovak sites are for example: bazos.sk, bazar.sk, modrykonik.sk, vinted.cz and much more undiscovered ones.
But, be careful. Do not sell clothes which are torn, washed out..etc. If they have some mistake, do not forget to inform shopper. It´s going about quality and your good name.

Everything isn´t about money, right?
a) Your clothes you can donate, as well. If you know some family, which has maybe financial problems or kids/ children in age or size of your clothes, you can give them your old clothes. Again, be careful and do not donate destroyed pieces.
b) You can donate some charity as well, because there´s a lot of people out there, who need at least one clean shirt.
So don´t worry, go and do something good.

a) If you´ve got creative spirit, you should try and refashion some of your shirts or jeans. For example, if your jeans are short, but in the hips they still fit you, you can cut them and make new shorts.
b) Or you can buy marker for textile and write something on your shirt. If you need inspiration, on internet are millions of DIYs.
c) I also like idea with stitch clothes together to make a blanket, or similar creations. Nobody told that it has to be wearable again
d) A lot of companies, for example H&M, have got some special spots in their shops, where you can give bags of old clothes. They recycle it and use into production of new ones. Of course in return, they will give you some voucher, so pretty good, right?

Of course, before all of these you can have some fun with your old clothes. How?
a) For example, you can do something like photoshoot, where you style your victim (read as friend) into some old clothes, or do some really strange and funny combinations and shoot it. But again, be careful with them, if you want these clothes donate or sell later.
b) Maybe, if you still have some clothes after babies, and you do not want them anymore, you can give them to your daughter´s/sister´s/.... doll. Or maybe to some women who´s hobby are dolls.

Thank you for reading my article. I hope you guys find these tips as useful. Let me know, if there´s some other option, or which one´s your favorite.
With love,

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  1. this couldn't have come at a much more perfect time, just raided my wardrobe and drawers and needed to figure out what to do with my clothes =^.^=

  2. I love this post for all the relevant information and tips!


  3. Great tips! I typically give mine away but have been working on repurposing them to give them a new life :)

  4. Great tips. I usually bring mine to second hand stores or donate them to charity organisations or refugee or homeless shelters.

  5. Wonderful tips. I was thinking this morning that I really need to do a good clear out before pulling out Autumn/winter wardrobe. I usually always donate or give away to cousins or friends kids. This has motivated me so thank you for that :)

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, I should clean my wardrobe before Fall, too, haha. :)

  6. I usually donate my clothes but recently I started selling since it was a better way of earning money than to ask my parents for money!

  7. Great ideas! I usually give old clothes to places where they need it :)

    1. Thank you. That´s right! I appreciate your effort and interest :)

  8. awesome! I love doing more with old clothing than just throwing them away! Way to be resourceful!


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