35 Things to do this Summer

středa 6. července 2016

Aloha pineapples!
Summer has officially begun! Do you recognize sentence: My next summer´s gonna be the best! Or next one. or next one...And at the end of August you feel very disappointed? 
Yes, I think this happened to everybody, so that´s why my today´s post is something you need in your life!

I made for you PRINTABLE bucket list of 35 things you should do this summer!
A lot people think, that summer is  about traveling. And yep, I have to agree, but I doesn´t mean, that if you stay in your state/city/village you can´t have the best summer ever!
Because at the end, memories count.
So go on, print my list of things you shouldn´t miss and make Summer 2016 memorable!

Hope you guys find my list as useful. :) I wish all of you the best summer ever! Love you

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Thank you so much for your kind words, stranger :)

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