pátek 15. září 2017

Hello beautiful people,
Welcome to my new article.
Posts about food are quite popular here, on my blog, so I decided to run out new series with food inspirations.
I can say, that this type of post is very popular among bloggers as well as YouTubers, who like to do it as videos. So I really hope you will like it too.
Today, I´m taking you with myself, and I´m showing WHAT I EAT IN A DAY.

I feel like I´m kinda repeating myself, but I consider it as important to tell. I´m not a nutritionist or any kind of specialist into food.
I´m just a foodie.
I´m just a person, who somehow found a way to start loving his body and to start giving it, what it really needs.

I can admit, that I used to eat like a crap. I was eating a lot of sugar, fat and all that unhealthy foods that exist. I was always hungry and never had enough energy.

It´s a while now since I added a way more fruits and vegetables into my menu and everything has changed. I feel healthier, happier, I have more energy and I´m finally giving my body the right things.

I haven´t switched on a "diet". I do not deny food. When I want something - even the unhealthy one, I eat it. If I feel like I want a pizza, I eat pizza. If I feel like I want an apple, I eat an apple. 
I have just found a perfect balance.

So, what I eat in a day?

For breakfast, I had a granola with soya milk, three plums, and a few grapes. It was really yummy, delicious and gave me the right start for a day.

Snack 1:
My snack number one was a total improvisation because I used things which I had found at home. I went for one apple and one peach topped with cinnamon. And, surprisingly, it was reaaally delicious.

My lunch was quite easy. I had a pasta made from a spelled flour with roasted zucchini and yellow and red peppers. One word for this lunch: PER-FECT.

Snack 2:
Few blueberries, banana, and white Greek yogurt is always a good combination, so here I am.

And, I ended the day with a perfect fries made from sweet potatoes - batatas and a little bit of roasted zucchini, which make a perfect combo.

Thank you guys for reading.
I have to admit, that few foods are quite weird combinations because I had to improvisated a lot, but hey, at the end all of this tasted sooo yummy and delicious, so I can´t wait to eat it again.
With love,

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  1. Good on you for finding a balance and not denying yourself of food! I definitely need to start eating more fruit and veg xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I love this!! Great great post! I love how honest you are..
    I love the food too, and even though I like to eath healthy sometimes when I feel like eating pizza or something else, I will eat it. :D

  3. Love these ideas! I'm trying to add more fruit and veggies during the day. My biggest struggle is snack time! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Your day sounds delicious! I should definitely have some kind of a routine because all I eat is umm, coffee for breakfast, warm food for dinner and that’s about it🙈

  5. I like it! Everything looks delicious and healthy too!Potatoes and zucchini it's a great combo!Need to try this!

  6. I must admit, that dinner looks soooo delicious


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