středa 27. září 2017

The procrastination. New Olympic sport, in which we all are champions. Our oldest friend and worst enemy. I don´t have to say, that procrastination is bad - in every form and you should better get rid of it, as fast, as possible. Here are my few tips, that may help you.
I´m not gonna say, that I´m totally procrastination free person because it wouldn´t be true.
This thing still sometimes knock on my door and invites itself in, even when I don´t want to.
But, that´s totally okay. I´m always trying to beat her and I really think and hope, that one day it stops exist in my life, and I will live the productive life without laziness.

I don´t know if it´s just me, but I feel like my procrastination during fall reaches the highest numbers. Maybe it´s because of weather or moody atmosphere, but here are few of my tips, that always helps me to face her - and most of the time, I win!


Okay, this may sound rude, but it definitely works. Anytime, when something (something you need to do) come across your mind, do it before you will start thinking about it.

Overthinking is procrastination´s best friend, and when you don´t do it immediately, your mind will come up with million reasons why you should do it later - and you don´t want that.


Oh, this one´s my favorite. This simple trick or technique is called "rule of 2 minutes" and it´s really easy.

Think about the task you need to do, but you are avoiding or telling yourself, that you will do it later. If doing this task will take you less than 2 minutes then do it right now. Bang! I said it´s easy and effective.


Another helpful tip for you. 
I have read that doing to-do lists won´t help you, but if I can speak for myself, I have to admit, that they are helping me a lot.

Simply write down all the tasks you want to accomplish during the day and once you accomplish it, check it from your list. So your little wins from accomplishing tasks will motivate you to stay focused and don´t have a chance to procrastinate.


Remember when Ron received a howler from Mrs.Weasly in Harry Potter? Why something like this can´t work in real life?

Download some app (just look for a while in the store, I´m pretty sure you will find a lot of them), that will always remind you what you need to do. It becomes that annoying, so you would rather do that task, and yeah, that´s the point.

Thank you guys so much for reading.
I really hope some of these tricks will work for you as well.
Enjoy beautiful autumn and please let me know, what´s your favorite secret to procrastination.

With love,

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