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I love writing. It´s my passion. My abreaction.
I like to escape to my own world that I have created in my head. I´m feeling so powerful in it, because I´m the creator. I can control everybody. But most of the time, I just let them live their lives. And sometimes I´m surprised by my characters as well.
In this kind of articles, I would like to show you few drabbles that I have written.

Firstly, what is the drabble?
Drabble is a short story or fiction of around one hundred words. The purpose of this little works is brevity, testing the author´s ability to express interesting ideas in limited space. 

I really hope you will like my drabbles. But, I have to say, that they were originally written in my mother-language, that´s why they are a little bit longer - cause they are translated.
Enjoy :)

1. Soldier's wife

The gentle wind blowing from the ocean played with her brown hair.
She was sitting on the edge of the cliff and she was only a few centimeters from emptiness.
In this moment a familiar voice shouted her name.
She turned swiftly and her green eyes flooded with tears. Tears of joy and fear.
She ran to him and his rigid arms wrapped around her body.
She felt safe. She felt home.
They remained in the embrace for a very long time. Nothing matters if they have each other.
The war is cruel. Well, he came back. He is alright, alive and healthy.
He will have to leave soon, but he lives. That´s the main thing for now.

2. Robbed

His hands clutched his head and his eyes were tearing hot tears.
Everything, they had worked hard for, was gone.
The apartment was completely empty, the windows were broken and the lock was opened.
Hayley came to him and hugged him. "It´ll be good," she said in a soft voice, resting her head against his chest.
He wanted to agree, but he knew that it wasn´t good at all. The thief had stolen everything.
How much they have to suffer? How they can feel safe now?
There was nothing left, just a few coins in his pocket.
He took Hayley closer to himself and kissed her on her hair. He must be strong, at least for her.

3. Happy day

She whispered in surprise with a sigh of astonishment.
The room she entered was full of roses and candles.
Thomas, her long-term friend crouched on one knee and held his penetrating eyes on her.
"Will you marry me?" he asked.
She had planned the future with Thomas, but she never thought this day will come that early.
"Yes," she said with tears running down her cheeks.
Before they started kissing, Thomas put a ring on her finger and she was never happier.

Thank you so much for reading.
Please let me know in the comments if you have heard about genre "drabble" and what you think about it.
With love,

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