středa 9. srpna 2017

What is she talking about again?
Do I really have to give up only one thing to be happy?
Does it really works?
Only one thing?
Well, you may say I´m crazy saying that, but I believe, that giving up this one thing will set you free forever. It will be hard, but result will worth it, trust me.

So, what´s that one thing?

E   N   V   Y

This post is dedicated to envy and how it affects our lifes. 

For me, envy is a chronic poison that kills everything in us - the motivation, good behavior, or our own values of life. It kills our happiness, attitude to happy life and good mood.

Still don´t know, what I´m talking about?
We are living in a social media age. 
Beautiful pictures of hot bodies, perfect makeup, amazing clothes, expensive cars and gadgets or breathtaking travel destinations are waiting for us on every corner. No matter if you open Instagram, Facebook or anything else, it is simply everywhere.
Some of them inspire us, but most of them, only make us angry and it lead to envy. The wors part about it? We do not even realize that.

We start comparing our life to "their" life.
Why our body can´t be that beautiful and shaped? Why we can´t be skinny? Why we don´t have so much money to see other countries? Why we can´t have epix trips? Why we can´t have such a cute boyfriend? Or amazing relationship?
And all these questions lead to ENVY. Again.

We start to feel bad about ourselves. We feel like we are not good enough. We even start to think that our life sucks. We are worthless. Just because we don´t have that "beautiful" life full of sparkle.

But, let me stop you there. One proverb says: "Not all the gold, that is sparkling." Do you really think that their life is as perfect as they are sharing with the world? Do you really believe that everybody who is smiling on the photo is really happy? You know, social media can be pretty confusing sometimes.

The truth is, that nor their life is perfect. They also have a lot of problems. And all that sparkle? It costs something. But, of course, nobody will share it on Instagram or Facebook. Everybody goes trough hard period of life, not only you. 

Every story has two sides, but we see only the good one. We don´t see, how much they had to work hard to get, where they are. How much they had to work on themselves - in a quiet. We don´t know, what they are going trough. What they went trough.

So, my advice?
Stop to envy. 
I know, it can´t be done during one night, but, please, try to stop to envy. 
If you want something, work hard for it, but please, stop to envy.
Envy is such a toxic thing - you will kill it or you will be killed by it. Your choice.

If you can´t handle the pressure, log out of social media or stop to follow accounts, that always makes you jealous.
Because, once you give up this one thing - ENVY, your life will change forever. You won´t have to worry about others and suddenly you will have a lot of space to focus on yourself. And than, the real magic will happen.

Be kind. Be humble. Live your life. And live to the fullest.

*Photos were taken in the streets of Vienna, travel post soon.


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  1. I love this post dear and fantastic one. Absolutely I agreed with you. This kind of thing "ENVY" I always ignored in my life. Because it will has a big impact on our daily life and make us only too much stress and full of negativity. I live in positive energy and positive minded. Thanks for sharing dear.
    Kintan XO,

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. You are right, positive people don´t have place for negative thoughts :)

  2. We don't have to envy when we are happy with our own lives. So there's no need to do so. Just make sure you are building your own perfect life. And always be thankful for what you have.

  3. I totally agree! Envy is poisonous and never anything good came out of it.

  4. Nothing good can come from envy. It's so important to try and turn any envy into motivation to make yourself happy and reach where you want to be. It can be hard sometimes but it can definitely be done!

    1. You are so right. We have to try to turn it into motivation as you said :)

  5. Envy should be turned into something good, like motivation. Envy is one awful thing in this world that sometimes is awful too.

  6. This post is fantastic! The habit that we all have, everytime comparing what we have to what others have, this is what drives us into despair. Not always, but most of the times.
    It is difficult to let envy go, but it is worth a shot!

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, as you said, it´s hard but it´s totally worth for it :)

  7. How should we envy other people's life? Every life is unique and amazing and if we believe this we can live to the fullest. I totally agree with you.

    1. Thank you so much for kind words :) Every life is unique, totally agree :)

  8. This is timely and such a good reminder....I agree with this post and envy is really toxic and unhealthy for a peaceful lifestyle

  9. It's upon us how we should use the word "envy" Like I'm sure, someone seek inspiration and motivation from it. And there are those who are always sulking in the fact what they don't have. :)


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