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Oh, my dear sweet Vienna.
It´s hard to believe that beautiful city like Vienna is so close to Slovakia.
Have you ever visited Vienna? If not, you have no idea what you are missing. According to me and many other people, Vienna is for sure one of the most magnificent cities in Europe. 
Looking for a perfect getaway? Let Vienna be your answer.

Honestly, I have been in Vienna, Austria, only a few times although is only one hour from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.
But always, when I get there, I´m speechless. 
Vienna is like a city from a fairy tale. Historical buildings with rich ornaments and statues. Paved paths. White horses and coaches with roses as decoration. The sound of hoofs.  Beautiful music reverberating down the streets. Simply beautiful.
Vienna has it all. And much more.

Do you know Sissi? She was the Empress of Austro-Hungarian empire, and one of the most charming, lovely and fashionable ladies in history. Do you know Mozart? One of the greatest talents and virtuosos, that world has ever had. Do you know Viennese waltz? Elegant dance, when everyone acts like they are princesses and princes. And I´m not even in the half, of what Vienna car offer.

Vienna is a city looped in this age. Age of wigs, massive and beautiful dresses, gentlemen, hats, Mozart, classical music, elegance, grace, charm, and love. Somehow this city, even if it´s modern, is still living its own fairy tale in this era. And every visitor is living it too.

Fashion is a religion here. You won´t leave with empty hands. 

The sun is bathing in the streets - which are not very crowded. There´s a lot of tourists, but not as much, as in the bigger cities. Another plus point for you :)

Architecture is breathtaking. Everywhere.

There´s no place like Vienna.
Remember my previous post about envy? The photos were taken before this beautiful wall!

Vienna for my is like a perfect getaway. A combination of history, modern art, fairy tales and real life is what Vienna is.

If you will visit Vienna for the first time, this is THE LIST of things you have to do/make/taste:

-Eat a sacher torte - typical chocolate cake (very yummy and delicious, I can tell)
- Drink Vienna coffee - typical kind of coffee with cream you will definitely love!
- Eat "schnitzel" - typical meat with origins in Austria
-Visit Schonbrunn Palace - the pompous palace with beautiful gardens, where the greatest emperors and empresses were living (including Sissi)
-Have a walk at Stephansplatz - the historical center of Vienna
- See beautiful buildings - like cathedrals, opera houses, city hall and others palaces
-Have fun in "Prater" -looking for adventures? Fun park Prater with roller coasters is here for you.
- Enjoy the typical royal atmosphere - which is basically everywhere you go :)

Thank you so much for reading.
Please let me know in the comments, what do you think about Vienna. I´m excited about your thoughts 
With love,

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  1. Yes!! I would absolutely love to visit Vienna one day, it's one of the dreamiest places in the world!

    Alice | Dainty Alice

  2. Vienna looks amazing and sounds like you had a gab time there :-) I'd love to visit there one day! I was so gutted I wasn't able to come to see IIHF live there, had planned but never really got around :D

  3. I've been there and I loved it. Vienna is a perfect choice for a getaway. :) you wrote this so beautifully. :)

    1. Thank you so much :) I hope you had a wonderful time there :)

  4. Definitely the right place for a perfect getaway...lovely Pictures

  5. Vienna is not in my actual bucket list but i really want to visit this city. You had a gorgeous time as i can see.

    1. Oh yes I did :) if you will have a chance, don´t miss it :)

  6. Vienna is definitely a place I want to visit. The architecture amazes me every time I look at these photos. Many great people were from Vienna and lived there. It's well know for it's culture and fashion sense.
    B, xx |

  7. Vienna looks beautiful, it looks a lot like Milan, with fancy fashion streets and beautiful buildings. It's definitely a city I'd like to visit and I don't think it's very far away from Italy so I hope I'll visit it soon.

    1. You are so right, it's very similar to Milan :) you will love it


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