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Hello everybody after a long time :)
A lot happened since I wrote my last article. I decided to give myself a break from blogging because I got a job - redactor in one Slovak popular web magazine. So, it was hard for me to do both and I really wanted to focus on writing in the Slovak language. Right now, I finally find a way how to combine it together and I can´t be happier, that I am again a part of the blogging world.
This year I have visited Italy for the very first time. I spent there 8 days and in this article, I will tell you a little bit more about my journeys.

Few warm words for the introduction before you jump on my Italy diary.
As I said, this was my first experience in Italy. I have wanted to visit this country so badly, so I was extremely happy that I finally had the opportunity.
My thoughts?
Speechless. Totally speechless. I have visited so many countries but I can say, that Italy is my favorite. Instantly, I fell in love with their architecture. Buildings, houses, monuments, simply everything was amazing. I fell in love with the people. They are so happy, generous, spontaneous and spirited. I will never forget the lady on the Termini station in Rome, who was shouting "cappuccino" and laughing at it. It was really nice to see them having fun. Something like this would never happen to you in Slovakia. I fell in love with their food. Pizza and pasta, the best in the world. If you are a true food lover, Italy is right country for you. There´s so many things I liked there, but I can´t name one which I don´t like.
If Italy isn´t on your destination list, you should definitely re-evaluate it.


DAY 1 - lost in Rome

Sounds like pretty good film name, right? Unfortunately, that was the cruel reality, haha. 
We were flying from Budapest, Hungary to Rome. The flight was quite good, amazing views and nothing special happened. I was lucky enough and had a seat by the window.
After landing in Rome we transferred to Termini station ( it was about 14:00 pm) and our troubles were about to start, haha.
The problem was, that we couldn´t find our hotel. We were looking on the map, on the phone, we were asking people, we were talking to hotel managers, but, simply, it wasn´t there. Few times we took the wrong subway and bus, so we got completely lost. We were in parts of Rome without tourists, only with locals. But, when I think about it now, I am glad for that. I am glad that I spent few hours in Rome in undiscovered parts because they were spectacular.
About 7 pm, we finally found our hotel (yey-yey)! And then we went to the city. Night Rome was soo beautiful! Spanish steps and streets were really amazing!

1. selfie from airport/2. plane/ 3. and 4. Night in Rome

DAY 2 - everything in Rome

We wanted to see in Rome as much as possible. That´s why we split it into two days. But, because we got lost, our plans had a little bit changed. We had to see everything in one day! I´m not saying it´s impossible because it is possible, but you need to count out with the fact, that you will walk a lot.
We got up early in the morning and our first stop was Vatican. Vatican, the smallest state in the world, or a state in the state was truly amazing. We went to St. Peter Cathedral and then on the cupola with the amazing view of Rome.
Then we went to Colosseum, Vittorio Emanuele, Fontana di Trevi and much more. Everything is quite in the same place, so go on!
I have also bought "gelato" amazing and famous ice-cream, and of course, a beautiful postcard with Audrey Hepburn, my fav icon of all the time.
After these 2 days, I can say, that Rome is one of my most favorite cities in the whole world! And I can´t wait to see it again!

Everything in ROME

Everything in VATICAN

DAY 3 - Perugia

Our third Italian city was Perugia. Perugia is a city in the middle of Italy, with almost half a million habitants and really beautiful city center. I loved this city so much. If you like history and chocolate this city is your soulmate! Why chocolate? There´s a chocolate factory nearby, called "Perugina" which produce amazing Italian chocolate!

DAY 4 - Florence

A true pearl of Tuscany. Florence or Firenze, the home of artists, such as Michelangelo, rich in history. Going to Tuscany, you can´t miss Florence! It´s one of the most beautiful cities, not only in Italy but also in the world! I was so lucky because right in that day I had a birthday. So I was celebrating my sweet seventeen in that beautiful part of the world! :O I still can´t get over it.

Florence and my birthday

DAY 5 - Assisi

Another day, another city. This day was reserved for Assisi. I think I will quite repeat myself, but Italy is spectacular. And the same goes for Assisi. A beautiful medieval city with a lot of monuments. We were there at the time of some medieval festival, so everybody was wearing costumes and it was an amazing experience to see all that decorations!

Everything ASSISI

DAY 6 - Norcia

Norcia. Maybe you heard about it, maybe you not. Norcia was a really famous spot for tourists from all around the world. Unfortunately, in the October or November of last year, there was a devastating earthquake, which destroyed the whole town! People were evacuated and now living in containers. It was so sad to see that buildings were torn down and rocks were everything that left.

DAY 7 - Milan

We ended our trip in a fashion cradle - in Milan. There´s no more fashionable place in the world, then Milan. Cathedral Duomo was breathtaking and simply everything on this town was amazing. Through the whole week, we were eating only pizza and pasta, haha, drinking only cappuccino and we were happy.

Please, let me know in the comments, if you have visited some of these cities or if you ever have been in Italy and what you think about this country.
With love,

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  1. I love Italy! I recently came back from a trip to Naples and Pompeii, but have previously visited Rome, Milan, Lake Como, Venice, Verona, Florence and Pisa. I love going to Italy - it never lets you down!! Great article - now I have more ideas for me next trip! X

    1. Oh my god, seems that you have visited so many beautiful places! :O Venice is my next goal, haha. And thank you so much for your kind words :)

  2. I loved reading this travel post babe. Italy is my fave. I have been to Italy in 2011 first time - and then I have visited Bologna, Rome, Florence and Venice, and now this year (can't wait to write about it) I have visited 7 more cities. Italy is def my fave😍 but I would love to visit your country too - it's on my wishlist! :)

    1. Oh, my dear Venica, haha! You are right, Italy is the best <3. I´m excited for your post, I will love to read that. Do you really plan to visit Slovakia? :O When? Aren´t you interested in meeting? :)

  3. Wow! Your travels look awesome. I would love to visit Milan. I feel like no matter what I was wearing I would look like a slob! hahaha jk

    Great photos too! :)

    1. You are so so right, haha! Milan is simply fabulous. Thank you sooo much :*

  4. Ah, congrats on the new job! Must be exciting :-) Sounds like you had a fab time in Italy!

  5. Congrats on your job!!! And what an amazing trip! So jealous!!


  6. Amazing pictures! really inpsiring ... It must have been a real good trip... Congrats on the new job and I think you are doing a great job.

  7. It's nice to know you had a lovely time on your birthday....interesting read read
    ...you definitely had fun..love the pictures

    1. Thank you so so much :) Yes, you are right, my birthday were amazing :)

  8. Italia mi amour <3
    I have been to Rome, Florence and Milan out of these cities, and my oh my, you have captured their essence so beautifully!
    Reading your blog makes me want to go back to Italy and experience it once again. Glad you had a great time there. :)

    1. Oh, thank you so much, it means a lot for me <3. Yes, I wish I can go to Italy again soon :)

  9. Girl this literally is my dream. I hope you don't mind that I'm stealing this for my own travels.

  10. It's very very nice allowance.


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