sobota 25. února 2017

Hello amazing souls,
I decided that today´s article will be again playlist. You could notice, that I´m doing playlist in every season of the year. It´s because every season the weather is different, so do our mood.
I know, that winter ´16/17 is almost over, but never mind.
This playlist is for these frosty and snowy days when we are wearing massive snow boots and warm woolen scarf. For days, when we have red noses and tears from frost in our eyes, but a big smile on our mouths.

This playlist is for these days when we are playing in the snow, building a snowmen, skiing, skating, sliding and laughing out loud.
This playlist is for these days when we come after a good time home and pack in the blankets with hot tea or chocolate. For these days, when are watching films or reading books all day long without remorses.

In this occasion, I really hope you will like my playlist, that I composed for you.
So, take your warm socks and relax for a minute :)
(As always, just click on the song and listen)

1. The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This 

2. Kygo & Selena Gomez - It ain´t me

3. Golden Youth - Where´s Your Heart Gone

4. LÉON - Liar

5. LÉON - Thinking about you

6. Calum Scott - Rhythm Inside

7. Ben Cocks - So Cold

8. Sigma - Find me ft. Birdy

9. Lady Gaga - Million Reasons

10. Little Mix - Touch

11. Of Monster and Men - Crystals 

12. Philip Philips - Home

13. Sheppard - Geronimo

14. One Direction - Perfect

15. Nick Jonas & Nicki Minaj - Bom Bidi Bom

16. Maroon 5 - Cold ft. Future

I really hope I liked this list.
Please let me know, which one´s your favorite, or write down your favorite winter song which I haven´t mentioned, so we can inspire from you :)
With love,

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  1. I'm so in love with Lady Gaga's Million Reasons. I've been playing it for non-stop for ages haha :D


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