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Hello guys,
Oh yes, finally, we meet again.
It was very long time since I wrote my last article, but now I´m here and that´s important.
I know, that maybe for many people, is a lot of easier to stay fit during summer. Because you know, you can go cycling, running or you can do all that outdoor activities - and some of them is very hard to practice during winter - when outside is freezing and everywhere are heaps of snow.
If you are one of that person, person who is struggling with your fit routine during this season of the year, this article is totally for you.

The truth is, that keeping fit during winter is as simple as during summer.
Maybe you think, that what I´m telling is crazy, but yes, even during winter, you have a lot of options what to do. Let´s check them together:

Hey you, it´s winter. Winter means snow! Yay, please let me know, if you like snow, because I adore this little cold and fluffy thing so much.
Anyway, back to our topic. Skiing and snowboarding are ones of the best things to do during winter! Now I´m 16 and I have been skiing from my 4 and snowboarding from 12 and all I can tell is, that I love both of them so much. It´s so easy to learn and you can have a lot of fun on the slope with your friends and family.
What, do you think you are too old for learning this? No, we are never too old for something, so go on, get your skis and snowboard and enjoy yourself. I learned to snowboard just in 2 hours with an instructor, so stop making excuses and go wild!

Another absolutely brilliant way how mot move is skating. There are frozen lakes everywhere, just as much as ice rinks in towns or even ice stadium, when you can go ice skate.
You don´t have to play hockey or even do jumps as an Olympic figure skater, even small steps on the ice with your skates can do miracles. And I´m not even gonna talk about how fun this can be. So go, rent skates and have fun!

I know what comes on your mind right now. Is she serious?
Well, yes, I ´m.
Sleighing is the perfect way how you can shed some calories and have soo much fun!
Before you convict this kind of activity as totally silly, you should know, that actually you can lose something from your weight. Because sleighing isn´t just about sleigh down, you also have to go up - walking and repeat it like crazy.
So throw your scruples away and go back to childhood times.

No, no, I don´t want to hear anything.
You can go on a pretty solid hike, even during winter.
End of the story.
You can enjoy mountains during winter because some paths are open - and you don´t have to be worried, you would be surprised how many people actually go hiking during winter.
If you think, that hiking isn´t for you, you should read my article WHY IS HIKING a GOOD IDEA. And remember, some treks are even more beautiful in snowy landscape than in the summer.

Yes, practically you can do everything during the winter.
Swimming pools are open constantly, fitness centers too and gyms where you can practice jumping, yoga, karate, badminton, aerobic or football, too.

All you have to do is just choose and stop making excuses and stop being lazy.
I wish you all the best to your fit journey during winter.
Please let me know, which one´s your favorite or write down your own if I forgot something.
With love,

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  1. Snowboarding is so much fun! I've wanted to go this Winter so badly, but I just can't because it might put my baby belly in danger if I fall lol :D but skating would be great option too, although I might not be able to play hockey in the process.. Hmm.. Skating it is :D

  2. You truly have all the winter sports covered. I am not a fan of the cold, so I might stick to the heated pools :-)

  3. Love this! Very helpful & awesome pictures

  4. I love skiing and even did cross country skiing after many years and that's super effective. Nothing better than hiking through a snowy forest - bliss. But sadly we don't have snow in London like we do back home in Finland.

  5. Skiing is my favourite - although I'm trying to learn to board now (which after years on skis is a completely different experience haha!)

  6. I love hiking any time of the year, except when it's too hot or humid. Winter hiking is so peaceful and it's fun to find animal tracks in the snow.

  7. I would to do all these sports when its winter in Australia. For that I will have to go to the Mountains!!


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