pátek 21. října 2016

Hello everyone,
And welcome to my new post.
This post is very special.
In this post, I will talk about Amsterdam, the real diamond of Netherlands.
Amsterdam had always a special place in my heart because I was fascinated and amazed by this city since like forever, but only after I had visited this place full of canals, I realized how beautiful and magnificent this place is.
Our last stop from our trip to Belgium & Netherlands was Amsterdam, so welcome welcome to the last article from my journey.

Amsterdam. Amsterdam. Amsterdam.
I do not know, what about you, but whenever I saw it on a photo, in a film or elsewhere, I was feeling like Amsterdam is a quiet and peaceful city. I thought that streets are without people. Romantic canals. Many beautiful houses with tulips in front of the door.

But when I firstly saw Amsterdam, I learned, that I was wrong.
Amsterdam is definitely not quite and unobtrusive city.
Streets were crowded with many people, a large number of them were, of course, tourists. 
Also, the streets were such a tangle of everything.  Tourists, businessmen, ordinary citizens, people on bicycles, people in cars, buses, simply everything, haha.
But, good point is, that I like chaos. That´s why I was impressed.

Amsterdam has a certain charm itself, typical only for this town.
Despite the chaos, people sitting in cafes and sip their drink. Also in the quieter streets of the home, they sat on the bench in front of his house and talked with the neighbors across the street. I liked it so so much.
I  can´t find the right words even if I have further described this city. Amsterdam is something you must experience for yourself, and then you will understand what a particular debate.

We visited several museums of famous painters, passed through the typical flea market 'from which I brought an old copy of the book Jane Eyre.
We visited Madame Tussauds, which I enjoyed so damn much, haha.
We visited square, market tulips, sailed through the canals and enjoy the most magical atmosphere around which the town offer.
What struck me, however, I regret that we are somehow missed the Anne Frank museum since there were incredibly many people, but it´s a good reason to come back, right? Haha.
We also visited this "legendary" bench, where movie THE FAULT IN OUR STARS was filmed. The bench is full of quotes and sayings from the book.  I confess that when I sat on it, I was shaking by  happiness. It was really magical and indescribable.
TFIOS bench.

What I wrote in my diary before we left?

"It was already something after eight o'clock in the evening, as we sat on the boat, which is called Nemo. It was the perfect view of Amsterdam. I sat there, feet soaked in the water, and I let me let the evening breeze blowing through your hair. I was looking all around in order to see Amsterdam from a different angle, knowing that in a few minutes we leave.
Then I said that I will return.
Whole these days, there were days when I learned incredibly much, the days when I got to know a lot and seen a lot. I suddenly felt that you just reach out and touch the sky. It was a feeling full of happiness, and I thought that traveling is something I love."

Therefore, I want you all to say in conclusion that no matter what you do or how you do it. If you're happy with it, if you feel that it is helping you grow, that it gives you a lot, so do it. Because regardless of anything other than at that moment. And those little moments help us move forward. When you enjoy dance, dance.
Under the sky full of stars.
 When you like to sing, sing.
At full throat.
When you live, live.
Here and now.

Please let me know, If you have ever visited Amsterdam or what you think about this city, and If you like traveling.
With love,

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  1. I've visited Amsterdam a few times and I always love the vibrant hustle and bustle about the place. The city has proper spirit and beauty. I really love Amsterdam, and feel like I've been away too long. I need to visit again soon. Your photos are lovely by the way :-)
    Katja xxx

    1. Thank you so much. I must agree with you, city does have typical and amazing spirit. And I feel like you too, haha, I have to visit this place asap :D

  2. Amsterdam looks so amazing! I wish I'd get to travel there someday :-)

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

    1. Oh, and it is absolutely stunning. Finger crossed for you, I believe you will go there soon :)

  3. I love Amsterdam and its atmosphere. Those little canals are so pretty and cycling around is amazing. Loved reading your post, reminded me of our trip :)

    1. Oh you are so right with cycling. It's truly magical. Thanks :)

  4. I love Amsterdam, it's such a beautiful city :) I love the water and the parks and the people. Would love to go back. Was there last summer and had such a crazy good time!

    1. Really? :)
      Yes I agree with everything you said, it's such a beautiful city.

  5. I would love to visit Amsterdam one day. It looks so beautiful form the pictures you took :)

    1. Thank you so muchm and it's even more beautiful in real life :)

  6. I have only been to Amsterdam once for a few hours before leaing on a cruise, and the city is amazing. It has its own magic and you can also feel the calm there. kisses

  7. While Madame Tussauds is always kind of the same no matter where you go to, it IS indeed quite fun.
    Lots of local celebrities that you might or might not know. Great panorama window!
    Very interactive as well.
    Lovely to spend an hour or two there

    1. Yes Madame Tussauds is Madame Tussauds, but it's such a good experience, especially for those, who haven't been there:) thank you so much for nice words :)


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