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Hello everybody,
Welcome to my new article.
I decided that today I will talk about things, that annoy me on the bloggers.
I´m blogger too and I know, that sometimes being a blogger is very hard.
But we all are trying our best, no doubt about it.
Nevertheless, there are some things that irritate me and I bet I´m not alone.
So, keep ready.

Okay, without  pointless speechifying let´s just move to my list of 5 the most annoying things which bloggers do.


Perfect example:
"Hello guys, I´m so so so sorry, that I haven´t been here for a while, but you know, my life is so so busy, and it´s very very hard to blog when you do not have time for it. But, I know that you like me and I know, that you know how busy person I´m. And, I love writing so much and I missed it so much, so now I´m back."

Articles like this remind me, that they only want a comments like:
"Oooh, you little poor girl, you are giving us 100%, you are amazing, go and rest."

I want to say, that we all have tough periods in our lives, and sometimes we are not able to blog as much as we want. But, this is okay.
It´s also okay, to apologize to your readers and fans, because at the end, they deserve it.
But, what´s totally out is describing yourself as something more, than your readers, as somebody bigger than you are. And, write about it whole articles.
I mean, nobody cares.
Next time, when you will write something like this, leave your ego in the background and apologize shortly. It´s more effective, trust me.


The second super-annoying thing is that some bloggers promote "a little bit more" as appropriate.
I mean, we all are excited and happy, when we have an opportunity to collaborate with some brands, but some bloggers overacting it.
At first, they are collaborating with brands or products, which have nothing to do with their blog.
I mean, seriously, once I saw, that one beauty YouTuber was collaborating with a company that makes meat pies.
I mean..what? Beauty and meat pies? Never ever.
Second cases of bloggers are those, who agree with everything. And then, when you click on their blog, you do not even know, what´s a real content and what is the advertisement.


I bet you know that feeling when you are reading some blogs, while you listen to songs.
And then, you click on one blog and all you hear is some annoying sound or other song and you do not know, from where it´s going and all you want to do is to shut it up.
I know that having a song in your blog may be cool, or may show others how handy you are with PC things, but it´s not good. Better remove it now.
Also, less annoying, but still annoying is, when your mouse cursor change to some weird shapes like bunny or cat or unicorn and on your background starts to snowing.
Just no.


Next very annoying thing is when you finished with reading some article and at the end, you see: Please, let me know, which posts you want next.
Let me know, what articles would you like to read.
Heey, blogger!
You are the writer and author, that means YOU have to come up with some idea for next posts. You have to be creative enough because it´s your blog.
And believe, begging for some ideas isn´t very good step. It mostly discourages readers.

Bloggers be like:


The last thing which I´m going to talk about, is, that some bloggers are way too much offensive.
I met with this mostly in fashion bloggers, when somebody mentioned in the comments, that for example this coat is not good with these shoes.
And then, Thrid World War from blogger:
I will wear what I want.
Don´t judge me.
Don´t tell me how to live my life.
You didn't reach nothing.
I don't care about your opinion.
And so on...
I mean, gosh girl, some humility.
Learn have to accept criticsm. Nobody´s telling how to live your life, we are just saying, that maybe you should go with another shoes time.

I hope you guys liked my article.
Please let me know, if these things annoy you too, or feel free to write in the comments some point, which I forgot to mention.
With love,

27 komentářů :

  1. I get tired of the sponsored posts that have nothing to do with what they normally post about! Pink Peonies did a post on some random skincare product that is sold in Walmart. I was thinking to myself "there's no way you honestly buy anything for your face at Walmart!" Just annoying

    1. Oh yes you are totally right, this is such terrible!

  2. Cool post! I agree with everything you wrote!

  3. The walking advertisements is a funny one hahahaha specially when 9/10 posts are sponsored. It's hard to believe if it's any good cause all 9 are the best product ever ����


    1. Oh yees! Best products I have ever tried is my favorite sentence, haha :D if it's good sponsored, of course products will be good. Sometimes I miss truly reviews:(

  4. Hahahaha! Funny! I also hate all the glitter and snow and annoying music in a blog. Bloggers, please don't do that!

    1. Yes! My words! Haha, I'm glade I'm not alone who hates it:)

  5. I used to write about anything and everything but I eventually realised that my blogs were absolutely pointless - they had no direction. Now I write exclusively about my homeland of Scotland and nothing else. Sometimes this means that I run out of ideas and don't write for a few weeks but that's just the way it is. At least now when someone visits my blog they know what to expect - something to do with Scotland!

    1. Totally true! Absolutely agree with you. There's ni neccessary to write tons and tons of articles, people are searching for a quality content:)

  6. I've read some really vulgar and just nasty posts from fashion bloggers tearing other bloggers down and that's one thing I hate. I totally agree with you on point 5 there! It's not necessary and it gives fashion bloggers a bad name. Great post!


    1. Oh yes I know that gossips. I think as bloggers we don't have to like everyone, but at least we should respect each other. :)

  7. hahaha funny and true facts! Especially 1 & 2! But I am lucky I've never been on a sounds, glitter and snow blablabla blog X)
    xo, Margot

    1. Oh, then you are a lucky girl, haha. Believe me snow and all that stuff is very annoying :D haha

  8. "beauty and meat pies" HAHAHA. This was a great list!

    1. Thank you so much.
      Yes, haha, some bloggers don't know where are the limits :D

  9. Ah! I understand the constant advertisement or acceptance of sponsored posts other than from your niche. It looks like an ad magazine then. Also some.blogger wars omg!!!

    1. Yes totally like magazine:).
      Oh and thay wars tho :)

  10. Ah! I understand the constant advertisement or acceptance of sponsored posts other than from your niche. It looks like an ad magazine then. Also some.blogger wars omg!!!

  11. Good tips for bloggers just getting started and trying to find their voice + audience. I still struggle with this!

    1. Thank you. This is more like list of things which you should avoid :)

  12. I got to admit these things annoy me too, as a new-ish blogger I use what I don't like in other blogs as a base for what I want in my own that way I don't annoy myself and others. Great list and the meat pies comment made me laugh =^.^=

    1. Haha I'm glad for that :)
      Yep, I wrote it to let people know what's so annoying so they can avoid it :)

  13. I love this post. I totally agree with everything you said. The "sorry for being busy!" one made me laugh.

  14. I couldn't help but laugh at all of these! So funny! I love your blog and how you incorporated the moving pictures lol


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