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Hello everyone,
Welcome to my new fashion-related article. 
Today I´m going talk about my favorite outfits for fall.
I know, that I´m not writing a lot of articles with a fall theme, but I do not know if it´s just me, but the weather is not very helping this year.
It´s always raining, one day is cold, freezing and snowing, the other day is warm and the sun is shining, but mostly raining and it annoys me so much. Let me know, if you feel the same.
Anyway, let´s move to the article, with my favorite outfits for typical colorful autumn.

Autumn is for me very colorful season, as I said.
This part of the year is my favorite because I can wear my all-time favorite colors. I mean, of course, I can wear colors like this anytime during the year, but you know, during fall they have that special magic.
I´m talking about colors such as brown, yellow, orange, vine-red (my favorite color by the way) and their shadows.
That´s why my favorite outfits will be mostly composed of these colors.

Let´s move to them.


I will start with this outfit.
The main thing is amazing brown corduroy skirt with big pockets and zip. I found this piece a few weeks ago in the shop C&A and since then I´m obsessed with this skirt. It looks so damn good, it´s little bit thicker, which is absolutely perfect for fall and If I could, I would have live in this, haha.
I combined it with my other favorite piece, which is this yellow casual, comfy and cosy sweater from H&M and also my favorite shoes, which is The Oxford Shoes. I guess they were made for fall, haha.


My outfit number two is making this brown vest without sleeves from oodji, which is the leather imitation and it´s so soft and so comfortable than my black shoes which look little bit like oxford shoes, but they are not, haha, they are higher, but not as much as boots, but they are also super comfy and of course, main piece is this pair of jeans.

It´s from a brand Michéle jeans & trousers, which I have discovered just like a week ago, but, oh my gosh, these jeans are one of the best jeans I ever had. The fit perfectly, they are high-waisted and I fell in love with these cute floral ornaments on jeans fabric.


Next outfit is made from my the ultimate favorite color, which is wine-red.
I combined light ripped jeans with high-waist from H&M with absolutely amazing chiffon blouse in this color from Gate.
My shoes are exactly from the same shop, Gate, and they also look little bit like the previous one, so this is probably my favorite kind of shoes, haha, but they are so soft, walking in these is like walking in slippers, but I do not recommend them for long walks.


The last outfit, which I will show you is a little bit different.

I mean, this outfit you can wear in any time of the year.
It´s made from skater skirt from Zara - skater is for me the best kind of skirt, my hat from H&M, because fall and hats and hats and fall and me, these 3 things go together, haha, and my Nike t-shirt, which I found on men department, but totally do not care about it, haha, because it´s perfect and as boats I choose Nike Roshe, because these are literally the most comfortable shoes I have ever had.
And I like to wear combination of trainers and skirts, even that a lot of people have prejudices about it, I think it looks absolutely great.

And, that´s it.
Thank you so much for reading my article I hope you liked it.
Please, let me know in the comments how you favorite outfit for fall looks like, or which pieces you can´t miss.
With love,

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  1. Outfit number three is definitely my favourite! I love wine red and the chiffon blouse looks nice. I love your choice of outfits and sense of style.

    1. Oh thank you so so much :) ref wine is the best color, haha

  2. Outfit No 3 is my favourite :) Love the colours and relaxed style.

  3. The first and fourth outfit are my favorites! The yellow from the first one is definitely a color I enjoy wearing, it matches my red hair pretty well :)

    1. Ooh, I totally can imagine that! It must be really lovely.
      Thank you so much fot comment :)

  4. All the outfits are fabulous. I personally would opt something like out number #1 or number #4. Thanks for sharing these ideas. They are cool

    1. Thank you so much.
      I'm glad you like it since evrybody has got different style :)

  5. These look all so amazing! I think I'd go with #3 or #4. Your fall looks fab :-)

  6. ooh 3rd and 4th outfit were my faves would definitely wear them myself. your fall looks are great love the colours :)


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