úterý 18. října 2016

Hello beauties,
Welcome to my new article.
I´m continuing with writing articles about my journey to Holland.
In my previous post, I was talking about two amazing, breathtaking and unique cities, about modern Rotterdam and historical Delft.
In today´s article, we will move from cities to the beach, known as "Scheveningen beach" and also, we had an opportunity to be in "Open Air Musem" and we saw typical dutch houses and architecture. So, keep reading.


"...Let´s go to the beach, each, let´s go get away...."

Okay, stop joking.
I will talk about beach first.

Until the last moment, I had no idea, that we are going to visit a beach and look at the sea. It was quite a surprise for me, when I discovered, that we are going to make something like this and I was pretty excited.
We drove to The Hague, then found Scheveningen and we were ready to explore. We were told, that in this part of the city all roads end. Indeed, there was one parking lot and then...nothing. Simply nothing. There was not another way, where to go.
When we are talking about the beach, it was really beautiful. I must admit, that even relatively long and wide.
Hot sand, pleasant water, that cools your ankles, the sound of waves and salt in the air are ideal elements for a walk.
Although Netherlands is not a typical holiday destination, and the sea is a little bit colder, people were bathing in the evening and enjoying their time.
Along the beach, you can enjoy many restaurants with seafood, or simply walk along the pier.
After all busy areas and days of walking, I found it as a great place where to relax and back refueling forces.

Also, I found on the beach this amazing and adorable message, so If you are reading this, let me know in the comments if you are working on some of your dreams :)


The second stop, which you definitely should not miss, is open air museum.

Have you ever been in Open-air Museums?

I don´t know what about you, but open-air museums are always wonderful for me.
Because, basically, we are talking about museums of folk culture.
If you want to know, what is typical for a country, how people lived there and many more interesting things from    history, places like this is something for you. It abounds with the history.

In this Dutch open-air museum, we had a perfect view of the typical Dutch countryside.
People dressed in period suits and impossibly beautiful houses created a great atmosphere.
Of course, there was no shortage of shops, where you can buy typical souvenirs, or learn something about making clogs and producing of the finest cheeses, because as I said, this is typical for Holland.

We also had to buy a lot of cheese, because I´m huge cheese lover, and oh my god, this was the best cheese ever! The one, that I ate there. It was yummy, delicious and amazing.

All the things, which you associated with Netherlands are here, managed into one big complex, which is worth seeing.

Looking back at the fictional village, I´m out of the words. Does not it look like from fairytale? Judge by yourself.

I hope you liked my article.
Please let me know, if you like open-air museums as I do, or if you have ever visited places like this.
With love,

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Love Holland!

  2. Ah this looks super peaceful and beautiful! Definitely have a bit of travel envy!:)

    1. Yes it definitely looks. And it's even more stunning in rral life :)

  3. I would love to travel to Holland someday. Amazing pics and the beach looks so fun. Nice post Ally!

  4. such a beautiful trip! loving your photography :)


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