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Hello everyone,
welcome in my new article.
Today´s post is gonna be again from my little trip to BENELUX.
In my previous article I shared with you my experience in Brussels, but, today I will write about two absolutely adorable and spectacular cities, which we also visited, when we were in Belgium.
I´m talking about Antwerp and Bruges.

Belgium is such an amazing country.
I could not close my mouth, because everything in Belgium was so beautiful.
After Brussels I felt very energized and excited for next days in this glorious country, but, I had fears, if Belgium can offer something more. I was afraid, that Brussels was the top, so I was like, what´s gonna be next?
Fortunately, I was wrong
Totally wrong.
Belgium can offer you more.
The real examples are two amazing towns, modern Antwerp and historical Bruges.


Antwerp is a charming port town.
We are closer to the sea, and this is reflected in the style of streets.
There are many maritime restaurants or things with this theme. Streets, buildings and atmosphere are spectacular.
Our amazing guide also told us few legends connected with Antwerp, and I was totally feeling like in fairy tale.
Antwerp is also a city of diamonds, so we gave our eyes feast and had a look in some shops with jewelry made from diamonds. Oh, it was amazing. The real beauty.
Next,, we visited Rembrandt House  and few other museums. 
Rembrandt was a Dutch painter and etcher. His museum was amazing, so you should visit it, when you will plan your trip to Antwerp.
Close to Rembrandt house is a little magical Chocolate shop, where you can buy the best Belgium chocolate in various shapes, like poop, haha, and with different flavors. I also so much liked their bag, which says CHOCOLATE IS ROCK´N´ROLL, and I have to agree! Let me know, if you too.In this chocolate shop, you can also have a look, how cooks prepare and make chocolate. It was very interesting to watch them.We had a look in the port, and of course, could not skip shopping street, haha, crowded with amazing shops.

( from Rebrandt House)

 (chocolate shop)
 My favorite saying, haha. Chocolate is Rock´n´roll.


Next city, which we visited, was Bruges.
Forget everything, what I said about modern Antwerp. Bruges is totally different.

I have a weakness for little towns. Maybe it´ because I´m living in of them.
I consider small towns, compared to big cities, more mysterious, and yet so beautiful.
Okay, I know, that Brugges isn´t that small, but it looks smaller than for example Brussels.
In Brugges, from every single building, on every single street, in every single corner, you can see, feel and smell the history, that town offers.
Stone tall buildings in typical style take everyone´s breath away.
Although, it´s not yet Netherlands, you will find here channels trough which you can sail and enjoy more from Brugges, from different perspective.
You can try typical food in restaurants, have a look in some churches or monkery, or just chill at the main square and enjoy life.

After Bruges, we moved from Belgium to Holland, to continue our trip there, so next article will be from Holland :)
So, with this article I´m saying bye to Belgium again.
Which of the cities do you like the most? Brussels, Antwerp or Bruges? Let me know in comments,    I´m excited for your thoughts.

With love,

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  1. Oh man, Bruges looks gorgeous! I have such a weak spot for classically European architecture and little river canals! I was just in Strausberg earlier this summer and it had very similar vibes architecture wise! Great post! xox

    1. Oh Bruges are amazing.
      Really? I´m going to Strausberg soon, so thanks for it :) I´m even more excited now :)

  2. Great post and pics! This looks like a lovely place to visit. I haven't been to Belgium but would love to go there someday.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, Belgium is such a beautiful country, something you must see. Fingers crossed for you :)

  3. I've never been to Belgium but have heard it is a lovely place to visit. Your pics of the towns you visited show how stunning the place is. Hope you loved Holland just as much :)

    The Life of Dee

    1. Yes it definitely is and thanks :)
      Holland was amazing as well! Will talk about it in new posts :)

  4. Love it! Some photos remind me of Amsterdam, quite beautiful in general!

    1. Yep, I was feeling like in Amsterdam too, haha, because of all these canals :)

  5. Looks so pretty! I've been to Antwerp before but never visited Bruges, your pictures really makes me want to schedule a visit soon!

    Kelly Knows It | A life & style blog

    1. Oh I hope you liked Antwerp. And yes! Haha go and explore Bruges, you will love it :)

  6. Such a picturesque place to visit, thanks for sharing really enjoyed your photographs :)

  7. that architecture is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh yes it is. So beautiful architecture :)

  9. Loving your shots babe! I really love Antwerp!

    1. Thank you so much. Oh really? I´m glad for it, Antwerp is beautiful


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