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Hello everybody,
welcome in my new article.
You may know, that I love traveling so much. In this case, I ´m very grateful, that I´ve got the opportunity to visit BENELUX.
And I will write few articles from my journey, so this one is the first one.
My first steps led to Brussels, the capital city of Belgium.
Actually, this trip was so random, haha.
But, I´m always saying, spontaneous things are the best, and so, there I am, in Belgium, 
I can't say, I was planning it. It just happend, I took the chance and never regret my decision.
I experienced one week full of walking, taking pictures, seeing new things, exploring and living.

Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, and the capital of Europen Union is spectacular.
I saw it from different eangles, from different parts of the day and instantly fell in love.
I don´t know if words can describe how beautiful city Brussels is.

Why did I like Brussels?

1. Calm Upper-Town 
I like Brussels because of its Upper Town. This part of the city, was first part which we visited.
Upper Town is very "calm" part, mostly with banks, offices, new buildings and in modern style.
There´s no much tourists here. We met only businessman, officers and other people in suits or pencil skirts.
Although, there´s still a lot of things to see, to explore or to experience. You won´t be bored, I promise.

2. Amazing Historical Buildings
I like Brussels because of amazing historical buildings.
We are slowly moving to historical part of the city, so old buildings occur more frequently.
Staying in a touch with history while traveling is for me inseparable part of every journey.
That´s why I could not skip it, and you shouldn´t, too.
When you will be ever in Brussels, visit few historical monuments and give your eyes a feast.

 (Royal Palace, which we visited also from inside. It was amazing!)

3. Crowded and busy Downtown
I like Brussels because of its stunning Downtown.
Upper town was more without people. Downtown is the exact opposite. 
There´s so much people, so much tourists, but no wonder why, we are getting into the center "of everything" on the main square "Grand Place".
Streets are now busy and crowded with people of different race.
Waiter invites potential customers into restaurants with amazing food, tradespeople promotes their products such as magnets, postcards, bracelets, shirts, bags, literally everything with typical "I love Brussels" or "I love Belgium" sayings. 
How you can miss this?

4. Manneken Pis
I love Brussels because of this naked little boy.
Somewhere there, in the crowded street is quietly standing and urinating into a fountain basin little naked boy.
Typical symbol of Brussels, so if you will ever visit this city, do not skip Manneken Pis.
The only thing, which I was surprised about, was that he´s much more smaller, than I expected, haha.

5. Food
I like Brussels because of yummy and tasty food.
Traveling and food.
Food and traveling.
No matter, how hard you are trying to split these two activities, you just can not.
I mean, you can´ enjoy your journey to the fullest, if you don´t try their national and typical food.
Everybody knows, that Belgium is a country of chocolate, so I don´t have to mention, what we tried first, haha. Eating chocolate in Belgium is such a life goal.
Also, we were told, that we have to try their typical Belgian Waffles and Beer.
And all I can say it´s, that you have to definitely try them, too! It was so so delicious!

I like Brussels because of its attractions.
One of them is "Mini-Europe Park".
In this park you can have a tour around Europe in a few hours.
There are miniatures of famous and popular European monuments, such as Big Ben in London, Eiffel Tower in Paris and so on.
Representation have each country.

7. Atomium
Finally, I like Brussels because of Atomium.
How can not I mention Atomium, the most typical monument of Brussels?
Visiting Atomium in Brussels is the exactly same thing as visiting Eiffel Tower in Paris. You just have to.
Seeing Atomium from outside and inside was for me very spectacular experience.

 Thank you so much for reading my article.
Have you ever been in Brussels? Which of the points do you like the most? Please let me know in  comments.
I´m also very exciting for next articles about my journey, so stay tuned.
With love,

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  1. Brussels in my favourite place in the whole world. I love it there. It's my spiritual home. Got me all nostalgic looking at your photos. I have to go back ASAP :-D xxx

    1. Oh really? I liked Brussels as well, the city has something magical :)

  2. v Belgicku som bola minulý rok a veľmi sa mi tam páčilo :) hlavne tie ich mňamky wafle ... len škoda že som nebola v Mini Europe :(

    1. Áno tie ich wafle stoja za hriech vždy, haha :D. Mini Europa bola fakt zaujímavá, určite sa tam pri nejakej ďalšej ceste pozri :)

  3. I used to live close by Brussels and visited all those places so many times :D It's a great place!

    1. Really? I hope you liked them. Yes, have to agree Brussels is amazing :)

  4. It's so interesting to hear your views as personally I was not a fan of Brussels! Maybe I should go back and try all the things you recommend!

    1. Yes, good idea! Haha :) I can´t help myself, I do like Brussels so much :) Give him a try :)

  5. Ahhhh this is totally on my list of places to visit!! Your photos are beautiful.


    1. Thank you so much :) You won´t be disappointed, I swear :)

  6. Looks incredible can't wait to one day visit :)

  7. This looks like an amazing trip! I've never been to Brussels but it looks beautiful! Your pics are on point!

    1. Thank you so much :) You should add this city on your list :) It´s so beautiful

  8. I absolutely loved Belgium! We didn't make it to Brussels but I adored Brugge. I can't wait to go back!

    1. Yes I loved Belgium to. Yeey, we visited Brugge as well, I'm gonna talk about it in my next article :)

  9. cool trip! I've always wanted to visit Brussels

  10. what a beautiful place to visit! I would love to visit Brussels

    1. Oh yes, Brussels is very beautiful. :) Finger crossed for you :) you will make it! Haha :)


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