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Hello everyone and welcome in my new post.
So, I guess it´s irrefutable.
Fall, my favorite season of the year, have officially begun.
Saying bye to summer 2016 was very hard, because this summer was one of the best summers so far, no doubt about it.
But right now, I´m totally ready for autumn. I bought for myself some candles with pumpkin aroma, so I can not wait for Halloween. Yey.
But, back to the topic.
Why I actually love fall?
I love it, because world is changing. 
I love fall, because of all those colors that lit up the world. I love walking on "carpets" made up of leaves and I like to hear them cracking. Maybe I´m crazy, but I love foggy, misty and little bit cold mornings, warm days with sunshine and long dark nights.  Fall for me is something magical. Mysterious. And amazing.
I just love fall.
My eternal love isn´t just because of beautiful and stunning landscapes.
It´s also because I love autumn clothes and autumn colors in my wardrobe.
Every year I´m looking forward to shopping fall clothes. I mean, shops are crowded with back to school collections and some pieces are absolutely unique. 
I honestly can image fall without mug of strong and warm coffee in my hand, leather jacket on myself and frozen breath.
Well, also I can´t image fall without these essentials, that I´m going to show you.

At first, hats.
I´m totally hat person.
 I adore wearing hats in every season, in every part of the year, but wearing hats during autumn is something special. 
I remember the time, when I discovered, that hats suits me. After this randomly founding, I can´t stop wearing them.
I feel much more confident with hat, than I feel without it. Sounds funny, right?
Hats are perfect to revive a boring outfits, they can be as a good savers on bad-hair-days, or they protect you against wind and they are just so adorable, aren´t they?
They are exactly the thing, that you literally can´t mess up. 
If you are interested, my new hat is from H&M.
Second essential, I can´t go without, is scarf.
I´m that type of person, who is always cold, so I appreciate this piece all the time.
I can´t image myself going out in 13 C without something around my neck. It feels like I´m naked then, haha.
I mean, I absolutely love big and long scarfs, which you can wrap up around yourself and you can hide yourself in front of the world.
If you are wearing scarf, it´s like you are telling the world, that right now you want to be somewhere cuddled in a blanket with cup of tea and good book.
This year, I bet on this scarf with yellow print. At first, I was very insecure about this decision, because yellow is very unusual color for my closet. At the end, I told myself, that this color may revive ordinary colors I´m usually wearing, and right now I don´t regret it.
I think I don´t have more than 5 things in this rare color. But, this scarf looks absolutely stunning. It´s so soft, big, warm and I can not wait to wearing it.
I don´t know, if there´s anybody with big scarf obsession as I have. If yes, welcome in club, haha.
I purchased this one from Zara.

My last, but not least fall essential, that I want to share with you is a pair of chelsea boots.
Good shoes are necessary in every season, we all know this.
We all also know, how big struggle can be, to find the right pair.
We don´t want to be too mainstream, we want something different, than last year, we want something effective, something that won´t fall apart after first steps, something stylish and so on, I can continue to morning.
That´s why my every time favorite are chelsea boots. I don´t know why, I just love, how they look.
They are represented with simple yet beautiful design, they are very comfortable and they fit to any outfit. For me, they are the embodiment of all, that I wish.
And I don´t have to even talk about, how practical leather boots in the autumn rainy weather can be.
So my advise?
Do not be afraid to invest a little bit more to autumn shoes, it´s worth it.

Thank you so much for reading my article. 
Fall is here and I could not be happier. I hope you are excited about new season as well. 
Actually, isn´t it always exciting, when new season begins? 
Anyway, I would like to know, what´s yours favorite fall essentials, so let me know in the comments.
And, do not forget to enjoy your fall as much, as you enjoyed summer.
With the biggest love,

26 komentářů :

  1. Loving all the fast posts in the blogging world right now- it's the best!

    Those booties are so cute, and unique! I so agree about investing in fall boots, they will last so much longer.

    xx, Jamie

    1. Yey, thank you so much. Fall boots are necessary thing, haha :)

  2. I love Autumn. It's my favourite time of the year. Loving all the Autumn style blogs right now as well - I'm getting so inspired! xxx

    1. Oh yes mine too, haha :) I also love reading all autumn articles, it feels so good, haha :D

  3. Totally on board with the hat trend too! Adding a hat instantly makes an outfit more stylish and chic looking. Great Fall picks!

    xo Olivia |

    1. Yep, that´s what I´m always saying! Haha :) Hats forever. Thank you soo much :)

  4. I always considered myself a winter person, but lately I have been enjoying autumn so much! Love the items you choose, I must buy some ankle boots for this time of the year!
    BS, xx |

    1. Thank you. I consider myself as winter person too, but fall is fall, haha :D the most special season :)

  5. loving this! Those boots are amazing and Fall is my fav season ever too :)

  6. Lovely fall essentials! Love hats, boots & scarves for fall also! I feel like accessories make a fall outfit! xo
    Dani //

    1. Oh yes, you are absolutely right! Everything is about details and small touches :)

  7. I am definitely not a hat person but i love scarfs! I love your yellow one - perfect pop of color for fall

    1. Oh thanks :) I wasn't sure and I avoided this color for loong but seems like yellow wasn't bad idea, hh

  8. I am in love with this boots, they are great, i am looking for one similar.. Love wearing big scarfs during fall xoxo

    1. Oh thanks, good luck with searching! Hope you find the best one :)

  9. It's so weird, I LOVE hats and love them on other people and love them on myself...for about 5 minutes before I have to throw them off. Haha.


    1. Haha, this literally made my day :D There´s hat people who wear hats and than there´s other kind of hat people, haha :)

  10. This chelsea is very actual in this season! Great collage of the hat, shoes and the scarf <3
    What about following each other? Just let me know in comments! My blog>> Witty Sweety :)

    1. Thank you so much :) Chelsea is amazing. Of course we can :)

  11. great fall essentials, these are similar to mine too but I'd add knee high socks =^.^=

    1. Oh yes! Haha, how could I forget knee highs socks? Haha :)

  12. I love wearing scarfs in the fall... definitely my go to accessory.
    I just followed you. Please follow me back. Would love to stay in touch :)

  13. I love the hat and fall fashion in general!


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