pátek 23. září 2016

Hello guys,
Do you feel like your life is maybe stereotype? No exciting things on the horizon? Are you bored? Are you tired?
Maybe the thing  you miss is some excitement in your life.
You need to get out of your circle crowded with boredom, that you built around yourself.

You need to experience and add to your life some adventures.
Adventures don´t only mean you need to jump from plane, book ticket to African safari or dive with sharks.
Although these things are great, they have got small snags. They are maybe too expensive, too far away, you don´t have stomach to do them and so on. But,  you don´t have to be rich, famous or be something dramatic to have an interesting life. Little and simple changes can spin with your world to more fascinating and adventurous way.

All you have to do, is to add some sparkle in your boring every day routine.

Get rid of boring events.
It works like with people. Proverb says: get rid of all negative people in your life. Just do the same with all events, that you find out as boring and tedious. And you will have free place for something exciting. If it is not that easy (remember, it´s always easy), then spike up them a little. Find perfect balance between work and fun.

Try new things.
The most cliche sentence in the whole world, BUT the truest.
Try new food in a restaurant. Visit new place, even if it´s just a village distant few kilometers from your home. Try to wear new things. Go, and buy that shirt you liked in shop, even if it´s not that combinable with your clothes. Try new sport. Go to the museum or gallery. Learn new language.   You´ll never know, if you´ll like it or not, if you don´t try it.

Be the host.
Overcame your anxiety (still have got problem with this one) and invite your family or friends for dinner or devise something different and unusual like wine tasting, karaoke, film marathon, your own food tasting and have some fun.

Get out of house.
If you think, you will experience true adventure only in Hawaii or Bali, oh dear, you are wrong again.
Adventures are waiting for you on every corner, you just have to open your eyes.
Plan a little trip and get out of house. Explore more your region, your country and visit some events, which you thought aren´t for you.
You will never experience something, if you will sitting on your sofa.

Share reminiscences.
We are living in "Social Media Age", so do not be surprised over this point.
Buy new camera and try to look on  things from different angle and share them with world. Everything seems like good adventure now, right?

Try a random act of kindness.
Another point connected with overcaming your anxiety, but try to do something unexpected nice for your friend or stranger. Buy flowers for somebody. Pay for stranger´s coffee. Buy and bring food to your friend. Send a balloons.
And everything do selflessly.

Always say YES.
Don´t wait. Just don´t wait. Don´t think too much about things. Just say YES. If you received the invitation, just go. If you don´t, then go anyway. Open your mind for everything and try to enjoy things a little bit more. Don´t be afraid and say YES. Spontaneous things are the best.

Me & my friend decided to go for a little trip. It was spontaneous decision, and it showed up as an amazing day. Watch our video from our ONE DAY OFF HERE.
Hope you guys like this article. Let me know, if there´s something that helps you to have more adventures life. :)
With love,

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  1. Loved this post! So inspirational :-)

    ~ Jasmin N

  2. I love this post. Sometimes I do think I am getting in a bit of a rut and so I love reading all of your ideas to get out and about and make the most of your free time. Thanks for sharing

  3. Lovely post! I think things gets a little boring when it falls into routine. I like reading this post. Its a good reminder! I need to get out more :)

  4. For someone who is afraid to live life a little, this post is perfect :) People need to live it up!

  5. Love the post, these are great action points :)

  6. I love this it's great to read something that will help me get out of my rut, great advice :)

  7. This is such an inspirational post! Been meaning to learn French since a very very long time! I think i should take it up now! :)

    1. Thank you. Yes you definitely should. Go and master it as pro, now, haha :)

  8. good advice! always good to try new adventures! Judith F.

    1. Thank you :! Yes, it always feel so fresh :) Stereotype is boring


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