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Hello cuties,
welcome to my new post.
Today I decided to talk about makeup brushes and how to keep them clean.
I bet every single one of you are using, at least, one makeup brush.
Honestly, I can´t imagine my daily routine without makeup brushes.
For my daily makeup, I´m using only powder, contour, brushes and brush for eyebrows.
But, I know that many of us are using more than this number of brushes.
Also, we tend sometimes  to forget to clean them, although this is a very important thing.
That´s why I will show you, how I clean my makeup brushes.

As I said, surely everyone owns few makeup brushes.
I have started, just like everybody, with something basic. It was brush for powder I guess, haha.
Now I can not even imagine, that I would have some things applied with my hand.
So, I think that brushes deserve a proper care.

How often?
How often should we clean our makeup brushes?
That´s a very good question.
I read on the internet, that brushes should be washed after each use.
Many, I think quite a lot of beauty bloggers and YouTubers again claims, that brushes should be washed once a week.
I´m trying to practise this rule, but, obviously, sometimes this can not be done.
Maybe time, because I´m very busy, but mostly because for example, I haven´t used them.
But, what I´m always doing, is that, when I´m doing makeup for someone else with my brushes, I always always always clean them. Before and after. Hygiene in the first place, right?
So, even if there´s no appointed time, when and how often, you should do it once in a while.
Because dirty brushes may cause rash or they can retain dust and this may lead to redness of the skin and many more problems.
So sometimes, the problem with everything, are dirty brushes.

Ok, finally, let´s move to a separate cleaning process.
There are, of course, so many kinds of products and various special soaps made especially for cleaning brushes. However, you do not need them at all. All you need is ordinary liquid soap and warm water. Not hot water, because you can accidently destroy brushes, just warm. 
I photographed you my procedure. 
I take a little bit of liquid soap on my palm and then with the brush I slowly do circular movements, as you can see.
Eventually, do not forget to rinse with water.

Cleaning brushes is actually very easy and pleasant activity, haha.
The only thing, what you should avoid, it´s in the picture.
Definitely, do not put brush under running water vertically, and also try to not soak part indicated by the narrow. It´s because this is one of the most important parts, which makes brush holds together, and after contact with water, you can destroy it.

Let it dry
Of course, after washing you have to let it dry.
It´s actually easier than actual washing, haha.
All you have to do is just leave your brushes on a dry and clean towel.
When you find, that they are completely dry, you can even wipe them into towel and we are done :)

Hope this article was helpful for you.
By the way, let me know in the comments how often do you clean your makeup brushes and what brand is your favorite, because we are all searching for a good brushes, aren´t we? haha.
With the biggest love,

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  1. Thanks for this post it's amazing and very helpful.

    1. Oooh, thank you so much for nice comment :) I´m glad that you liked it :)

  2. Very helpful. My brushes are looking very sorry for themselves at the moment. Thanks x

  3. I am not at all a make up person but these sounds very helpful! :-)

  4. Great post and great idea dear.
    I also can't live without my make-up brushes. I used almost on my daily make-up.
    Thanks for sharing.

    XOX, Kintan

    1. Thank you so much. :) Yes, brushes now making important part in my makeup, haha :)

  5. I loved this little tutorial! Cleaning them is certainly important to keeping your face clean as well!

  6. I've only just started sticking to the rule of washing my brushes once a week, this is the method i use too works great, no need for all those crazy brush cleaning tools :)


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