středa 12. října 2016

Hello guys,
I can´t believe it.
It feels like summer was before few days. I remember myself writing my "End of Summer Playlist" and right now I´m writing my "Fall Playlist".
Time flys like crazy, right?
Anyway, welcome to my new article in which I again show you my favorite songs for Fall 2016, so if you are craving for some inspiration, you are on right address.

My songs, which I´m currently listening are affected by a mood in which I´m. And my mood are often affected by a season.

Fall is a colorful season full of brown and red leafs on a path.
If you will listen my playlist imagine you sitting in an old armchair with dilute fabric situated in an old cottage. There´s fire burning in the fireplace and you have that cosy white pair of socks on your legs and checkered shirt.  Outside it´s raining but you are safe under the blanket while you are reading a good book and drinking green tea from an old mug.
Doesn´t it sound like a perfect moment?
So, enjoy my playlist and let songs take you there.

*I prepared it like last time. Just click on the name of the song, and boom, you are there.

1. The Strumbellas - Shovels and Dirt
2. Troye Sivan -  YOUTH
3. Sia - Freeze you out
4. The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather (oh so classic, right?)
5. Jimmy Eat World - The Middle
6. Kurt Hugo Schneider cover - Never Be Like You
7. Ellie Goulding - Still Falling for You
8. One Republic - Kids
9. The Tide Rose - Ferris Wheel
10. The Chainsmokers - All We Know
11. Maddie & Tae - Fly
12. Nicholas Roberts - Burnin´ For You
13. The Passage North - For Now
14. The Pylons - Place to Stay
15. The Runaway Club - By Your Side
16. King Shaolin - Money in My Soul (my fav, so do not miss this, hh)

I hope you guys liked and enjoyed my fall playlist.
Please let me know which one of these are your favorite or write your fav song, that I didn´t mention.
With love,

36 komentářů :

  1. Aww, such an amazing Playlist! Thanks for sharing! <3 Yeah, I feel a bit sad too, coz the summer is over...

    Cheers, Eliza |

  2. Beautiful choice! Great!

  3. Love love love sia! !! This is my kind of play list 😄 Ree love30

  4. Thanks for sharing this great playlist. I really like the selection of songs you picked. This is so cool :)

  5. Wonderful list Ally! Thanks for sharing. Helene/

  6. Great playlist! Hope you are having fun!!

  7. great playlist, some nice songs on there, thanks for sharing :)

  8. Thanks for sharing a great playlist!!

  9. Great playlist, will be stealing some of these for my ever-growing playlist for a imminent road trip :-) Thanks for sharing :-)
    Katja xxx

  10. Love Sia and One Republic, I love a good playlist as its nice to listen to while you are driving or out walking.

    The Life of Dee

    1. Yeah, they both are amazing artists. And you are absolutely right with driving :)

  11. Beautiful Autumn pictures and great playlist as well. I´m totally agreed, that the summer changed into Autumn is really quick and I feel no Autumn weather here, is directly like a winter weather only the different think that I saw some golden leaves.;-)
    XOX, Kintan

    1. Thank you. Yes, that´s why think too. Everything is changing so fast :O

  12. Oh my, I only know 7 and 8 :O But if you want to add some songs to you playlist, listen to the new albums of One Republic and Bastille :)

    1. Oh girl, One Republic is my favorite band! Haha, they are truly amazing. And love Bastille as well, definitely need to check out their new albums :)

  13. I'm totally going to check out all of these songs! I could really use a fall playlists to start off my mornings right! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yep go for it girl! There´s nothing better like good morning playlists :)

  14. I really like your music choice, nice songs, perfect for fall xox

  15. Wlie Goulding, OneRepublic and Chainsmokers are my favorite! Ofcourse they'll be a part of your playlist~ Haha <3 Nice choice of songs btw. You got great taste!

  16. Mmmmmm Sweater will forever be a favorite of mine <3


    Sarah ||

    1. Thank you :)
      Yes, I can't imagine fall without this song :)

  17. I think Sweater Weather is one thing on playlist too! I often listen Arctic Monkeys, they are perfect for Fall


Thank you so much for your kind words, stranger :)

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