úterý 13. září 2016

Hello loves,
Do you know that feeling, when your friend, or even worse, your best friend have birthday and you are completely lost about present?
I think everybody experienced it at least once, so that´s why there´s no enough present ideas, are they?

Today I would like to show you something that I made for my bestie and she had tears in her eyes. I don´t know how about you, but for me handmade presents are very priceless and almost always better than bought one.
Only image, how much time somebody invested for the production of gift for you, makes me happy. I know, that this present idea, isn´t fully hand made, but I spent some good hours of doing it.

Maybe you hear, maybe you hear not about USSIES, the thing I´m gonna talk about in this post.

USSIES  is a photo album of WE, OURSELVES, AND US as you can read on a cover.

Why I decided to gave my bestie a photo album full of "USSIES"?
Because, let´s be honest, everybody loves to take selfies and I found this as a perfect thing, how to keep our funny selfies and memories alive.
This photo album is for friends or lovers, and it´s kind in that"funny presents" category. On the cover is actual mirror and you´ve got 32 pages for your selfie master pieces.

Then, I decided to decorate it, so expect for selfies I also printed tumblr pictures and our favorite quotes, sayings or inside jokes. and made it more personal. I put there our new selfies, but also our old ones, so I basically told story of our friendship trough this photo album.

I just feel like I have to tell you about this photo album, because I immediately fell in love with it. I think it´s perfect idea for present. But, obviously, you can do it with any kind of photo album.

This review was NOT sponsored by a company or somebody else. I bought it, and I wrote just my personal opinion.

Hope you guys like it, and I would like if you let me know, what´s you usual gift for your friends.
With love,

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  1. I love this idea! My mum has made us books by scanning our childhood pictures and turning them into books with some online service, she adds little stories and dates etc. I treasure them and they are the perfect present.
    Karoliina |

    1. Oh, what a great idea! :) I bet, it´s stunning and priceless

  2. This is like the best gift ever. I would love to accept it or anyone :p. But yes it's a real deal to present someone :)

    1. Yeey thanks :) Agree, find a good gift is very hard :D haha

  3. This is like the best gift idea ever. I woulove to accept it from anyone. It is a real deal to present someone :)

  4. Woow that seems so super lovely! I think I'm going to surprise one of my friends with this!

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  5. This is a great idea, but unfortunately she remembered it first and I have to come up with something better! Thanks anyway! BS, xx

  6. You are so sweet. I agree with you that handmade gifts are way more meaningful than those bought. My friend recently wrote me a farewell letter(as I'm leaving the country) and I bawled like a toddler. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. Very meaningful and useful :)

  7. What a lovely and generous gift)

  8. such a cool idea!! love your blog x)

  9. this is a great present for anyone, i think it would be perfect for friends, other halfs or parents :) thanks for sharing :)


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