sobota 10. září 2016

I´m writing this article for everyone, who needs to hear, that THEY ARE NOT ALONE.
For everyone, who feels like there´s nobody by their side.
For everyone, who feels unheeded.
For everyone, who feels disregarded.
For everyone, who thinks, that their opinions are bad.
For everyone, who thinks, that everything, what fall off from their mouth, is bad.
For everyone, who thinks, that they are alone...
...because, you are not alone.

We noticed, that you are sad and unhappy.
We did, really.
We noticed, that you are uncomfy in your own body.
We noticed, really.
We noticed, that you are comforting us, while YOU are still joyless.
We did, don´t worry.
We noticed this mess in your head, even if you are trying to look organized.
We noticed.
We noticed you sitting on the edge. 
We noticed that storm, in which you desperately trying to find an umbrella.
We noticed, that you always want to say something, but you never did.
We noticed, that you are not okay...
...we noticed.

But, we wish, you had told us about it...
We are always here for you.
We care about you, even if you do not.
We think about you, because you are important.
We are loving you, because you are someone who deserve love.
We are with you, because you worth for it.
We support you, because we believe in you.
We know, that you will find joy and happiness again.
We know, that you will laugh again.
We know, that you will enjoy your life again.
We know it.
We know everything.
You just have to remember..
...that, you do not have to be alone,...
...while we are here,

Your family,boy/girlfriends, friends, pets, strangers, trees, sun and clouds, moon and stars, and everybody.

I think, it´s important to realize, that no matter how much your life is bad, you do not have to come trough it alone, because there´s still somebody who will cheers you up, who will support you and who will help you.
You just have to let them.
Let them help you.

That was the reason, why I wrote this article, so I hope you like it. Let me know in comments :)

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  1. Lovely and encouraging post.

  2. That's such a nice post, thanks for sharing :)

  3. Reading something like this is quite motivating. Always in for that. Thanks for sharing

  4. Beautiful post, loved reading it. It's so inspiring <3

  5. Beautiful read. Very touching. Thank you for sharing, I needed to hear that today :)
    Much love

  6. such a beautiful post ! we all need to be reminded of that.

  7. Lovely to hear that, since I did had quote a rough week after me when I thought my life was falling apart. It is better now, I guess.
    Tina von S |

    1. Oh, I hope that, too. Hope you are okay now. If you need to talk, I´m here for you :) Because, as I said, you are not alone :)

  8. Such a beautiful post that someone who needs it will appreciate

  9. I felt so alone until I read this. I mean I do have friends and family around but still somehow fell like no one understands me and hears me. Like even if I say something no one says anything back, just wait their turn to talk

    1. I´m so glad you feel better, now :) as I said in comment before, if you need to talk, feel free to write me, I´m here for you :)

  10. Beautiful post. Makes me feel better about myself. :)

  11. I absolutly love the style of this post, also I followed you back! Thanks foe visiting me, I love your sight
    hugs from Hayley //

    || ||

  12. Thank you! I really needed this :)


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