čtvrtek 1. září 2016

Hello loves,
Right now I´m starting to write this article at an altitude in 2634 m ! How crazy is that!
I really want to write, that we were planning this trip for so long, but that would be not true, haha. It was actually very spontaneous and random idea. But ideas like this are best, right?
Oh, and welcome in Paradise, welcome at Lomnický Peak!

Those, who know me well, know, that I´m a huge HIGH TATRAS lover.
What´s High Tatras?
High Tatras or High Tatra Mountains are the highest mountains in Slovakia and Poland and they are considered as "the smallest alpine mountains in the world".
For Slovaks and foreigners, they are very lucrative and searched place for hiking and relax. They offer so many amazing spots like waterfalls, peaks, caves, hiking trails, lakes called plesá, because they originated from glaciers, ski in the winter and many more things.
Unfortunately, in 2004 (I was only 4 years old), High Tatras were destroyed by the storm. In presence, they are slowly getting better and new trees are growing.

The highest peak is called "Gerlachovský peak" and has 2655 m above sea level, which is also the highest place in Slovakia.
That´s why I named this article like that. We visited "Lomnický Peak" which is the second highest peak and place in Slovakia, with 2634 m above sea level, and that´s very close to previous one.
Before I show you more of our trip and how we get there, I want to write, that enjoying view like this, was literally like being in paradise.
I love views, I love mountains and that´s why the moment, when we were at the top, took my breath away and put tears in my eyes.
I mean, seeing something like this is experience for life. It was too amazing, that words can´t even describe my feelings, I still have goosebumps and my legs are shaking by happiness.
Adrenaline flowed trough my veins and I was feeling so little, because beauty around me was so big and the view so stunning. Have you ever had this feeling?

So, the whole trip was like that:

It´s 7 o´clock, and we are getting up. Then we have a breakfast and slowly packing our things. That includes little food, bottle of water, raincoat, pair of socks, hoodie, sunglasses, tickets, money and we are ready to go.
We are living in a town near High Tatras (maybe that´s why I know them well) so we decided to go with a train.
After a while, we arriving in the High Tatras. We are overwhelmed by the weather, because it´s sunny and hot day.
Lomnický Peak in the background of train station

We are walking to cash register and giving mental high-five to our brains, because it´s Friday, amazing weather and a lot of tourists, so all tickets are already sold out, but we had bought our tickets before, yey, win-win.

We still have little time, because our tickets are booked on 14:00, but we decided, that we can go to "Rocky lake" which is on midway to peak.
*We entrance first cable car and we are enjoying view.
After few minutes, we have to transfer, so we entrance second cable car.
*You don´t have to go with cable car, you can choose walking, and save some money because it´s also good hiking trail. But, we had it prepaid.
And, suddenly, we are at "Rocky Lake". We are having a lunch, because it´s already more than 12:00 o´clock, breathing mountain air and enjoying the nature.
We are at a height 1751 m above sea level.

Skalnaté pleso (Rocky Lake) in full glory, with peak in the background

It´s photo time, haha.

It´s two o´clock, we are in cable car to Lomnický Peak and our excitement is growing as we are increasing higher and higher.
And then, finally we are up. You, as a visitor, can stay there for 1 hour, enjoy the views in all directions, have a very little and restrictive walk (for security purposes),  or drink coffee or any kind of drink in that height.
Peak is stunning in photos, but more beautiful in real life.
Views are different from every side


 You can enjoy little walk
And, we order coffee, pie and toast, because, how many times you will have the opportunity to have a shot in height like this?

If you want to see more, click on my youtube video:

So, at the end, I want to say, that, if you are planning your Europe trip, maybe you can add Lomnický Peak and High Tatras to your list, haha.

If you want to save money, you can also get there for free, but I note, that you have to be a  mountain climber, or be in a very good condition, track isn´t for beginners.

I hope you like this post, let me know, if you are fascinated by heights and views, too, haha.

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  1. This place is amazing...i will be visiting my best friend who lives in Slovakia on the end of the month and we must visit this place. The view is stunning!

    1. Yey, I hope you will like our little country :) Enjoy your trip

  2. That place looks absolutely amazing! I hope that I'll travel there some day :-)

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  3. Beautiful images. I have been to Slovenia but not to here.Defo want to visit as I have a friend there now.

    1. Thank you, but it´s in Slovakia. Slovenia and Slovakia are different :) hehe. But thanks again :)

  4. Europe trip is on my list for a long long time. Thanks for these new updates. I loved Your spontaneous approach

    1. Oh, thanks :) haha, enjoy your trip, Europe is beautiful :)


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