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Hello everybody,
and welcome in my new article. In this article I´ll show you, how to do a homemade coconut milk. This recipe is extremely easy.
Coconut milk supposed to be, or actually is, healthier version of cow milk. The best part is, that coconut milk is naturally slightly sweet, so you feel like you eat treat, but it´s actually healthy. It´s very good for our organism and has many benefits.
The reason, why I decided to make coconut milks at home is, that in basic shops in Slovakia, these milks are pretty expensive, but also main point, why people are making coconut milk at home, is for its poor quality in shops. (Not all brands, obviously.)


This recipe is extremely easy, because you will need only 2 ingredients!
  • 4 cups of water
  • About half pound of dried coconut
  • And at the end, do not forget for jar or bowl, where you´ll put your coconut milk

Step 1: Boil water and then put it with dried coconut into blender.

Step 2: Wait a little bit until the coconut is fully saturated and soft.
Step 3: Then blend it for about minute.
Step 4: Pour everything into nut milk bag (or sifter, but nut milk bag is better) and put it in jar, pitcher or bowl. *

* Do not forget to squeeze  your nut milk bag at the end, because there´s a lot of milk in that.
 Step 5: Voilá, you are done.

Coconut milk is the best fresh, but if you want to keep it in your fridge, it can be stored for only 4 days.

Yey, how easy was that?

I find out coconut milk as very yummy, so that´s why I immediately prepared smoothie for myself, haha.
I used coconut milk and frozen red berries.( And chocolate topping, hehe)

Hope you guys like this article. Let me know, if you like coconut milk or if you ever try to prepare it at home, I´m curious.
With love,

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  1. Very interesting article - I never thought you could make coconut milk. I always thought it came right out of the coconut. It amazes me the list of things that it is good for.

    1. I´m glad you know something new :) And thanks for your comment :)

  2. I love coconut usually. So now this looks yummy and I am going to try it out. Great to learn something new ✌😉

  3. Thanks for sharing! I have to try and make it myself, at least I know what's going inside :)

  4. This looks great. I once tried making oat milk, but it ended being a disaster! I'll check this one out, hopefully it will end up better this time around! :)

  5. I gave up on cow milk some years ago. I'm currently buying Soya milk, although I really like the almond and of course the coconut one. I agree with you that it is much healthier than dairy :).

    1. Yes, I love almond milk, too :) Thanks for your comment :)

  6. I'm not really a fan of coconut but seeing this might change it :D

  7. I love coconut milk! Thanks for sharing!


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