úterý 30. srpna 2016

Hello beautiful souls,
Today I was just walking trough busy streets of my hometown and I noticed one woman wearing "a denim on denim combo". 
I saw denim on denim in photos of some fashion bloggers and decided to write an article about it, because somebody finds it as yay and somebody as nay.

I decided to do as big research as I can. 
I was reading tons and tons of articles, fashion blogs and I was asking my friends and mum, what they think about wearing double denim.

In my personal opinion I think, that wearing denim twice, is twice that good. I absolutely adore these combinations, and it looks amazing, if it´s done right.
I´m always saying, that our fashion, sense of style and  way, how we dress its just unspoken words, which we want to share with the world.
My friends and family had similar opinion and fashion bloggers agree as well, hh.
This trend is very popular among celebrities. The real proofs are Zac Efron or Rihanna and many more.

You don´t have to be afraid of wearing this combination. Go wild! That´s what is fashion about. 

If you are still not convinced or maybe you don´t know how to wear your double denim outfits, here are few good tips, that´ll make it easier.

  • You can get denim in many shades or patterns. Try to combine different shades of blue and washes, while wearing your denim on denim outfit. You don´t want to look too boring, or too matchy. But, everything is about pieces you choose. 
  • If your are wearing outfit composed from two pieces of denim pattern, do not wear a denim accessories. I mean, no denim bags, no denim shoes, no denim necklace or similar creations. Keep it simple and choose some good pair of statement heels, or red lipstick 
  • Everything in moderation. Denim or denim is cool, but too much denim or denim isn´t. Try to not look like a cowboy.
  • Make sure, everything what you wearing, fits you perfectly, and pieces aren´t large. Better choose slim jeans, because a lots of bloggers will say, that slim jeans here looks better. But, obviously, it´s your choice and boyfriend jeans looks good as well.
  • And, at the end, something that I had said before, do not be afraid to show your real YOU. 
Thanks for reading. Please, let me know, what you think about denim on denim combination and if you wearing it. :)
With love,

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  1. I like these looks! I love doing classic denim on black denim, so chambray shirt with black jeans but I'm loving these styles!

    1. Thank you :) Yep,I like denim on black denim as well, haha :)

  2. loving the looks. I always wearing denim jeans but not got much denim really.

  3. I think it really depends on the outfit, some denim on denim can look amazing others not so much. I don't really wear denim though but do like the style on other people :)

  4. I am totally up for this style. Denim on denim is a yay. All you need to do is wear it with some style sense.

  5. I think it looks very fashionable. Although, I do not wear denim myself, I will pass this on to others who do! They might just love your take on denim on denim.

    Ron | <a href=">Nearby Wanderer</a>

  6. I think it really depends on the pieces themselves. Chic jeans and a well-fitted chambray top or a cute shirt and a slim jacket? Yes! :)

  7. ...i don't know if my comment posted or not so i'll try again! Fantastic post, the images are beautiful, personally i'm not a fan of the clash but it works so well for others! if it suits you go for it!

  8. I have no problem with denim on denim. It depends on how the person carries himself/herself. :) But you're right, too much denim is not good!

  9. Love it. Double denim looks so good on you!

  10. I also love to wear denim on denims. But i always make sure that there is a pop of color, like a red stiletto or a yellow handbag. To make life on my look. Thanks for sharing your tips so informative.


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