pondělí 28. srpna 2017

Hello guys,
Welcome to my new article.
Firstly, I wanted to write a travel post about our trip to Prague, really beautiful city, that definitely should be on your bucket list.
Then I realize, there's' much more serious topic we should discuss, which is PRIDE.

But firstly, about Prague.
Prague is another absolutely lovely and beautiful historical city in Europe, which isn´t that crowded, but it definitely supposes to be on your list, if you are ever planning your journey across the Europe.

There´s so many things to do, so there´s no chance to be bored here. 

This year, I decided to come back - after 4 years - to see my lovely Prague. I really enjoy everything we saw there, even that I have already seen it so many times.
If you want something like "places you should not miss in Prague", let me know, it would be an honor to sum it up for you.

But, as I said, today´s post isn´t gonna be simply about Prague.
This year, I and my friends decided to attend PRIDE in this part of the world.

My question for you is: What do you think about LGBT? About gays? About bisexuals? What do you think about the fact, that man loves the man, and woman loves a woman? Please, let me know in the comments, I´m really curious about your opinions.

For me, I´m totally open to this.
I mean, I´m straight person, but this doesn´t mean, I cannot support others.
Three months ago, I haven´t even thought how many gay or bisexual friends I have. It was quite a shock when I reveal this fact, but it was a "good shock". I was feeling so proud to all of them, that they finally found a courage to tell the world what they really are.

So, I´m asking myself: Is it okay when a man loves the man or woman loves the woman, or when woman and man love both at the same time?
I don´t even have to think about the answer because it is. It really is.
Love comes in all shapes. Love is love. Always.
When two people love each other, something like gender shouldn´t be an obstacle. 

Being a gay doesn´t mean you are sick. It doesn´t mean you have to be cured because it is not a disease. It´s part of who you are. You haven´t chosen that. You have born like that. Does it mean you are wrong? NO!

Attend Pride in a Prague was an eye-opening experience. There were so many people wearing a rainbow and showing the world, their true colors. And I am so happy, that we live in the 21st century and, despite few individuals, they are starting to be acceptable by society.

I want to end this post with a bunch of LGBT quotes, and especially my favorite one:

"Why would you rather see 2 men holding guns than holding hands?"

Thank you so much for reading.
Please let me know in the comments your opinion.
With love,

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  1. I believe that love is love. You can't choose a person you fall in love with, no matter the gender. Love belongs to everyone & love is all that matters.

  2. I totally agree love is love no matter the sex. Prague is on my list of places to go.

  3. I saw a really cute movie today and a quote from the movie said "Love is everything. Everything" and it was the first thing that came to my mind after reading your post. Love really knows no gender and belongs to everyone.

    1. That´s really nice and it really fits to the topic :) I have to agree, love is everything

  4. Love is love, no matter your sex or gender. Lovely post you've written here! Love is what makes the world go round, why not have more love. Stuff the world with love, stuff it to the brim!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  5. Love is love regardless of gender. Lovely post, Prague looks beautiful!


  6. That quote about holding hands instead of guns is so moving. I missed out on the Glasgow pride near me because of work but I'm so glad to hear there was a suggessful parade in Prague

    1. Yeah, it really is, it´s just so powerful :) Pride was really awesome

  7. Love is love indeed. Love the person, not the gender. I like your perspective here and this is a very important message to spread.

  8. Thank you for writing this. There is so much hate in this world that it is a joy to find love in places like your blog. :) Lovely post.

    1. Oh my goood, thank you, this really made my day <3 You are really kind


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