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Hello cookies,
My new article will be again beauty-related.
If you follow me on Instagram & Snapchat (if you follow me not, you should start right now, haha), you may know, that I have spent some time in Greece on island Zakynthos (travel post, soon).
During these days I decided to do on myself an "experiment", which turned out to something amazing. I have spent a whole week without makeup, and this is what happened.

I´m a 17 years old girl wearing makeup almost on the daily base. Your question can be, does she really need it? 
Well, that´s good question.
Maybe I don´t need it, but I like to wear it. I feel much more confident with colorful lips or when I have my eyebrows done. I feel more like me.
I don´t wear makeup because I hate how I look. Because I think I´m ugly. On the contrary, I wear makeup, because I like me. Do not underestimate the power of it.

But, during our stay in Greece, I decided, that I won´t wear makeup at all.
Firstly, we were always swimming in the sea or pool and I didn´t have waterproof goodies. Secondly, during summer temperature can be so high and anytime you wear makeup you feel like a wax figure. Melting wax figure. Thirdly, tanning with makeup? Don´t do that. Ever.
And of course, there were much more reasons, why I decided to go completely without anything for whole week.

First days I was feeling a little bit weird. My skin isn´t perfect skin from cream ads. But you know what? I didn´t care. 
The whole week I didn´t put any thing on my face. (Means no makeup, concealer, blush, highlighter, lipstick, eyeshadows, simply anything). Also, I was trying to eat more fresh fruit and veggies, and of course, drink a lot of water.

The only thing which I did put on my face were face masks. Face masks, the sun, salty water, salty air, fresh fruit and no stressful days eventually signed on my visage.

Red rashes were gone. My face was hydrated, but not oily or dry. Black spots and pores weren´t that big. The skin wasn´t red anymore and it was soft and smooth as baby´s skin. And, the most important, smile and amazing feeling from myself was incalculable.
And it all happened in just a few days!

So, what´s my advice?

If you will have a chance, try a "face detox week". 
Don´t put anything from decorative cosmetics on your skin.
Instead, try face masks, peelings, scrubs, creams or other products, that will actually clean and help to your face. Take care of your own face.
Also, don´t forget to drink a lot of water and avoid junk food. Replace it with a fresh one.
You will see, that the difference will be enormous.

After detox week...

You can´t start a new chapter with old habits.
Try to eliminate your makeup products to a minimum. I´m not saying, that you should start to stop wearing makeup, I´m just saying, do you really need all these products? Think about it.
Also, do not forget to clean your brushes and buy only cosmetics from verified brands, to make sure, that your face will not suffer.

Please, tell me in the comments if you have ever tried something like this and how it went, or if you plan to.
With love,

24 komentářů :

  1. I should really try something like this! My face tends to get dry after wearing makeup for multiple days in a row.

  2. I tried this, girl. And I love my face without makeup, I used to wear my makeup on a daily basis too and now as I am getting older I even feel more confident and more beautiful without my makeup. :)

    1. That´s amazing Zana :) After all, we are all so beautiful so there´s nothing to be shame of

  3. I used to wear make-up every day and my skin took a huge hit. When I got into college, I just didn't have time to put on a whole face, so I stopped. I only wear make up for events now and my skin is doing SO much better.

    1. Glad to hear that :) Yes, few days without makeup can do a miracle

  4. Lovely post. I do not wear make but I can relate to the point. I do sometimes detox by staying away from some food or by resting (sleeping properly) and the results and benefit on my wellbeing and health are priceless.

    1. Thank you so much. You are right :) Good habits can make a big difference :)

  5. I haven't tried anything like this but I will be taking the challenge up in summertime.

    1. You should definitely do that. You won´t regret, I swear :)

  6. Hi, food and diet can have a real impact on your skin. Itisgreat that you are now rethinking your skin care and makeup.

    1. Oh yes you are so right :) I have never thought it can have such a big impact, but it has :)

  7. Sounds like it worked really well for you! I adore my skin in summer months as all of my freckles start to come out! x

  8. I'm with ya!
    I'm on the the natural buzz but great tips :)

  9. This is why I love summertime! I fully believe that whatever we put into our bodies affects the way our skin looks. Lots of water & fresh fruits is great advice!

  10. (I hope you had an amazing time in my country) Well, we need detox every now and then and sure, a week or a few days with no makeup could work miracles for our face.

    1. Yey, are you from Greece?...Yes, I have to agree with everything that you said :)

  11. It's a great idea to leave your face bare sometimes. I love to do this during the weekend....I just let my face breath

  12. i rarely use makeup but that doesn't mean I have flawless skin with the capital F. I try to keep my skin as much as possible and stick to organic remedies to treat any skin troubles. So yes, I could totally relate to this post. Hope you have a good day, girl! :)



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