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Hello my loves,
Welcome to my new article.
My articles from "blogging" series were really successful -  you like to read them and I enjoy write them. In this occasion I decided, that I will write them more frequently. Also, I realized that these articles need their own space so welcome to new section of my blog which will be dedicated to "BLOGGING". 
Today´s article it´s gonna be about naive bloggers and their naive thoughts about blogging and everything connected with it.

A lot of people, especially the ones who have never blogged before, have no idea how it feels to be a blogger. 
I know that this is a normal situation - you can´t know about something, when you have never done it before, but people thought´s about blogging are really weird sometimes.
They are so naive and they expect that whole world will be celebrating them, because they are bloggers now. 
Enjoy my article "Being a blogger: expectations vs reality"


Expectation: I will be so famous and people will recognize me everywhere I will go. The life of celebrity is about to start.

Reality: 3 new followers today? Yes! Yes! Yes! *dancing a victory dance*

People think that being a blogger will immediately make you a star. That you will be famous like Katy Perry. Oh darling, I have to disappointed you. Having a thousands of followers requires years of hard work and quality content. It won´t happened after your two days of blogging.


Expectation: Companies will be dying to have me as a blogger. They will send me a lot of freebies and I will just mention them in my post.

Reality: It took me 6789 emails, but yeah, I think they will send me this one tiny small thing to review.

Being a blogger doesn´t mean you will have everything for free. In your beginning, it will take you a lot of energy to bring some cooperation to real life. There are millions of blogger out there, so don´t think every company is waiting just for you.


Expectation: I will have a lot of free time!

Reality: I need to write two articles today, that means I have to take some great shots...yeah 10 hours of work will be my challenging time.

Articles aren´t done in 15 minutes. If you don´t get it, you should quite right now. It´s all about quality and effort. One article means you have to write solid text, take pictures, play a little bit with graphics and promote it all over the internet. And these things take time. A lot of time.


Expectation: Money, money, money. I´m ready for you. Come to mummy!

Reality: So my income of this month was pretty good. Few cents more and I can buy from it one little coffee without milk and sugar and cup and oh hey. ...

I´m talking about first months of blogging. Of course, blogging can be a good source of money, but your millions won´t  come to your bank account during the first night. Or maybe they won´t ever come. But if you are not willing to sacrifice this risk, you are not ready to take a step in the blogging world.

Thank you so much for reading :)

Please, let me know in the comments, if you meet with something like this, or add your own thoughts :) I am excited to read more :)

With love,

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  1. This post made me laugh because it's so true, I've heard people think out loud all those "expectations" about blogging and saying it's not serious, well they're so wrong, it takes time and effort but it's so fulfilling if creating something is what you love to do <3

  2. Hahahah this made me laugh. Ah, the irony in this one! All to the point oh my goodness, a great one :-)

  3. hahahha. Lol. Well sometimes I am surprised about how cool it can be to be a blogger. But hell yeah, it's hard work and not just fun and easy!

    1. Oh yes that's true :) After all, I love being a blogger :)

  4. Such a fun and realistic post! Loved it :D

  5. This really had me giggling! They are all so so true. People assume blogging is easy and a post can be up in minutes. It takes me around a day planning/thinking of a post, around 5/6 hours writing it, about 2 hours shooting for it, and another 2 hours putting it all together and making graphics! That doesn't even include all the 'non'-post related stuff like promoting, reading others blogs, social stuff! I think some people live in a dream world. Bloggers work very hard for very little or no money at all!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

    1. Totally agree! It takes so much time, people just can't see it

  6. I love this, because it's so true! You can definitely get into blogging expecting too much and then realise it take years of hard to work to start seeing results! Producing a post takes a lot more work then people first expect xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  7. Many think being a successful blogger happens overnight and is just a little side hobby, but it really takes hours of work and creative effort to make great quality content. Loved this post!

    1. Thank you so much. Bloggers put so much effort to every post :)

  8. I think many people have these expectation, especially seeing the popular and famous bloggers, but they don't know how much work, effort and energy we actually put into it.
    This was a fun and true article!

    1. Thank you. Yep, that's true. They think being blogger means they will be famous immediately :)

  9. i laughed soooo much - so funny & true :P
    thanks for the lols. :)

  10. I really thought that I will have flexible hours once I started blogging but I actually end up all day in front of my computer.

  11. This is so true!! Everyone expects to et super famous within their first few months of blogging

    Alice | Dainty Alice

  12. Your article is so on point and made me giggle :) everything is so true with great irony!


Thank you so much for your kind words, stranger :)

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