středa 3. srpna 2016

Many people have got struggles with a food. I´m not talking just about overweight or underweight ones, but I´m also talking about ordinary people. We still searching for a restaurants and fastfoods instead of eating homemade meals.
I was growing up in Slovakia. Our lifestyle here supports homemade meals and home cooking. I mean, we are not get used to go to restaurants often, just in special cases. We better cook our meals at home, which I noticed, that many people out there don´t.
That´s why I want to show you the benefits of home cooking.

1. Save money
Eating homemade food is cheaper than eating at restaurants. I bet, that many people know this fact, but still going out for a dinner or lunch.
Because, when we are at restaurants, we are not paying just for food, we are also paying for staff, building, decorations and so on. The same goes for a pre-made frozen foods.

2. Healthier ingredients
When we are cooking at home, we KNOW what we are putting to our food. We can control it or we can replace some ingredients with healthier versions. But, when we are at restaurants or fastfoods, we never 100% know how high are fat, salt or sugar in meals.
I found out that fries from McDonald´s have 19 ingredients.
We can do it at home from our own potatoes and they will be healthier, cheaper and yummier.
//Homemade mojito, that we prepared with my friends. It was delicious, healthier and it was really fun! Also we used a 100% natural ingredients from garden//

3. Avoid allergies
And now imagine, (or you don´t have to, if you are one of them), that you are allergic. You are allergic to some ingredients, and that makes your ordering harder, because you need to read, you need to always ask and still control, which allergens are in the food.
But, when you are cooking at home, you can prepare meal just for you, because you are in control in your own kitchen.

4. Portion control
I think everybody have experienced that situation, when you order something and they give you a portion for an elephant. And then, you can´t eat it, but you don ´t want to leave it, cause you pay hard money for it. And there comes on the scene overeating. Or ,other case, when something is very expensive, and little and you are discontented because you are still hungry.
But if you cook your meal at home, you can give to yourself as much, as you want.

5. Brings people together 
And the last point, is, that it brings people together. Eating together gives the entire family time to talk about their day, or cooking together can be a real fun.

Hope I help you just a bit, and you will avoid fastfoods and restaurants as much as you can, haha, and you will better cook something in your new, yet unused kitchen.
With love,

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