Hello beautiful soul and welcome to INSPOBOOK.

INSPOBOOK is lifestyle blog found and run by Ally, 16 years old student, born and based in Slovakia.

Ally is in the second year of grammar school with the prospect of management studies.

Her love for writing and passion for photography lead her to set up a blog for people who needs to push a little bit, find the right way, inspire and be inspired.

Ally is former competitive figure skater. Because of few injures and other problems, she had to stop with competing and right now she is focusing more on entertainment and exhibition shows.
Sometimes she coaches or does choreography, but still does figure skating for fun.

Ally is interested in sport & healthy lifestyle, fashion and you can see her usually with a book, because she is always reading and writing.

As she said, INSPOBOOK is blog where you can find tips and articles on topics, that are closest to her heart.

BEAUTY, which is about being comfortable in your own skin.
FASHION, because fashion is one of the most powerful art. It shows the world who we are, and who we want to be.
HEALTHY LIFE, because she is sport addicted person, who can not be in calm. Also, she wants to    show you, that living a healthy life isn´t that hard.
SELF LOVE, because she believes, that loving yourself is one of the most important things. Respect yourself, accept yourself, love yourself, believe in yourself and BE yourself is very hard.
TRAVEL, because she loves traveling, experiencing new things, learning about new cultures and having fun.
DIY, section.

She is very funny person, who likes to smile, so if you are reading this, do not forget to SMILE, because YOU ARE AMAZING

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